Five Things You Didn’t know about Natalie Alyn Lind

Five Things You Didn’t know about Natalie Alyn Lind

The younger generation of actors is definitely on the rise. Lind is the eldest of three sisters, all of whom are deeply embedded in the acting industry, and she’s been making her name known as of late in a very big way. She’ll be taking up the role of Lauren Strucker in Marvel’s new series, The Gifted, come October, and as a young talent she’s already expected to be a big hit. Some fans might wonder if she’s got what it takes to step into an X-Men type show, but thus far there is little evidence that she is anything but ready for the jump.

Here are a few things about Natalie that might help the average fan realize why Marvel is lucky to have her on board.

5. She’s not a newbie to a comic-driven series.

Lind has been featured as Silver St. Cloud on the slowly grinding Gotham series, where she at one point had the young Bruce Wayne responding to her every word and touch. She managed to play the role of a master manipulator despite her youth, and was more than adept at making the part believable. If she can play a seemingly innocent temptress that can seduce a young man like Bruce Wayne, then there’s no doubt she can unleash her acting talent in a role that allows for a much more direct approach like Lauren Strucker.

4. She’s been acting since age four.

Her first time on camera came when she was still a little girl. Lind had a part alongside her mother in One Tree Hill when she was still very young, and has made an appearance on such shows as Army Wives, Flashpoint, Wizards of Waverly Place, iCarly, Criminal Minds, and several others. There’s no doubt that she is a sought-after actress, as she has by a young age already stacked up an impressive resume of appearances. It’s a safe bet that even if she retires early that she’ll be remembered for some time to come.

3. She’s a diehard Batman fan.

This is probably why Silver St. Cloud was such an easy character for her to act out. Lind has been a Batman fan since she can remember and there’s definitely a hint of this in the zeal she brings to the part. Who better than someone that can act and is in love with the source material to have on the set? Maybe her love of the comics can make the transition to Marvel and bring new life to a much desired spinoff.

2. She is an aspiring script writer.

This might seem like a common transition that many actors undergo. Some want to direct, some want to write, others just want to be in charge. It’s actually very inspiring to think that a lot of actors tend to want to diversify as they continue their career. The act of branching out as an actor into other various disciplines that are so crucial to the industry is something that can help propel or at least maintain a career these days.

1. She’s a big supporter of the Make A Wish Foundation.

If you haven’t heard of this foundation by now you might have been living under a rock for the past several decades. The Make A Wish Foundation is quite special since it grants wishes to children that are diagnosed with life-threatening medical conditions. The act of granting wishes such as meeting their favorite celebrity or spending the day with them or something similar is very special and those that contribute often find it a very rewarding experience.

Lind has definitely been a busy young woman in her career thus far, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down as The Gifted begins the countdown until its debut. She will also be starring in an upcoming horror film titled Mockingbird, so it’s safe to say that her star will continue to rise as she moves forward.


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