Frank Stallone Should Have Keep His Mouth Shut on David Hogg

What’s sad about Frank Stallone and what he said about David Hogg is that at this point Hogg doesn’t have to say anything, he can sit back with a smug look on his face and let his detractors do the work for him. Stallone just managed to join a growing number of people that have attempted to call the teen out and have failed utterly since so many people are now on Hogg’s side when it comes to lobbying for stricter gun control in America. Seriously, Stallone has never been known for being able to keep his mouth stilled, but this time he might have run himself right into a wall, especially considering that he’s had to block his Twitter account.

What he said was what you might expect from someone that has a dim opinion of anyone he considers unskilled and inexperienced when it comes to life. Hogg is a teenage revolutionist, or will be if this continues, and seeks change, which isn’t horrible really, but needs to be tempered just like anything. However, maturity doesn’t really have an age boundary as Stallone has proved, and his words, which sum up to ‘quit whining and go home’ more or less, were not taken very well by anyone that supports Hogg. In all honesty he didn’t have the right to expect anything less since he’s always been adamant about running his mouth and letting people know just what he thinks. It’s been this way for years now and it’s only gotten to be more so as he’s gotten older. That’s his right and his due, but in doing such a thing he needs to understand that other people have the right to speak up for Hogg and say what they feel is right as well.

Let’s put it this way. Hogg and his fellow survivors underwent an ordeal that no one should ever have to go through. Hogg, who was interviewing students in the closet that they’d all taken refuge in, didn’t have to watch anyone being shot in front of him. He didn’t have to see the horror of it, but he felt it all the same. And yet the young man that was responsible was taken into custody no matter how controversial the method was, no matter how long it took. Now he and the other survivors are looking for someone to blame, and in some ways worsening the conspiratorial thought that big government cares more about their guns than they do their children. Neither side is in the right at this point as the government needs to wake up and address the issue. Hogg and his people however need to understand that refusing to go back to school until they feel safe does no one any good, especially those students that are absent from school during this time.

If Hogg wants to make a change in the world then the best way to do this is to affect the system from within. And to do that one needs to learn, and in order to learn one needs to GO BACK TO SCHOOL. And as for Frank Stallone, well, maybe it’s time to stay off of Twitter for a while.

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