Five Things You Didn’t Know about Jorge R. Gutiérrez

Jorge Gutierrez is one of the most talented people in the entertainment industry, to say the least. In fact, there are probably a lot of things you might not yet know about this up and coming individual. He is already an accomplished director, sketch artist, and writer. He also paints. It really seems like there isn’t much of anything he isn’t capable of doing. With that being said, below are five things you might not know about him. Keep reading, because he is a very talented and interesting individual, without a doubt.

1. He’s responsible for a popular show on Nickelodeon

For anyone who is a fan of El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera,they have Gutierrez to thank for developing the show. In addition, many people consider him almost solely responsible for bringing many of the shows to that network and others that have something of an international flair. This is something the network has long taken pride in, so it only makes sense that Nickelodeon and Gutierrez would have a long-standing relationship.

2. He also directed a popular motion picture

If you have seen the movie called The Book of Life, then you are already familiar with his work. He directed this movie, one that would have been considered a major endeavor for anyone that would decide to take on such a challenge. Not only did he direct it, but he did a superb job with it, turning the story into something that movie-goers could really identify with.

3. He enjoys incorporating his own culture into his projects

Gutierrez grew up in Tijuana, and he thoroughly enjoys having the opportunity to incorporate themes from his Mexican culture into the projects he chooses to work on. He is proud of his culture and he wants to represent his home country well in everything that he does. Therefore, you can usually see some nod to his native Mexico in the projects he is involved with. It’s his way of remembering his youth, as well as not forgetting where he came from, no matter how successful he becomes.

4. He’s been involved with cartoons for a long time

In addition to working on El Tigre for Nickelodeon, he has also worked on a number of other projects for them, as previously mentioned. One of those projects involved the popular animated series ChalkZone. Gutierrez has been an accomplished sketch artist for a long time, and he was definitely able to put his skills to use here.

5. He’s also an artist

Gutierrez seems to be involved in a lot of different creative endeavors, easily making him one of the most accomplished individuals in the industry. In addition to everything that has already been listed, he also takes time to do various projects as an artist. He has even been known to write a few pieces when he is struck by the inspiration to do so. Since he’s been nominated for some prestigious awards based on his various projects, it’s obvious that he always has something worthwhile to bring to the table.

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