Unintentionally Hilarious Old School Video of Old Man Teaching Self Defense

Unintentionally Hilarious Old School Video of Old Man Teaching Self Defense

Unintentionally Hilarious Old School Video of Old Man Teaching Self Defense

Thank you Paul, I hope you were paid well for this Paul. Found footage is perhaps some of the funniest stuff ever discovered since it’s not uncommon for gems like this old man teaching old-school defense tactics that, ah, don’t really work. Seriously, if you think your brain stem is on the side of your neck it would pay to go back to brush up with an online biology course. And if you think it’s that easy to slam your hand into someone’s Adam’s apple then you might have never been in a fight since it’s not something the average person would know. This clip offers up a lot of amusement since at one point, and even still today, people are adamant about knowing one style of fighting or another that can help a person in self-defense or in a street fight. The only problem is that they forget to tell you that anyone that’s willing to attack you out of the blue isn’t going to be likely to do so face to face. Like it or not, an attack might choose to come up from behind a person more often than going toe to toe since there’s no guarantee that they won’t get harmed in the process. Those looking to harm others aren’t looking to be harmed themselves, so it’s way more likely that they’ll find a way to come at a person from behind and do what they can in the shortest amount of time possible. The techniques and moves that this clip and many others want to offer aren’t bad really, but they’re not realistic, especially when it comes to jabbing your thumb into someone’s windpipe or their gut. You’re more likely to break your thumb than to perform the move successfully. There are reasons why clips such as this are best to ignore, and it’s because following the advice of the people that push them to the public isn’t exactly a great idea for anyone that might find themselves in a conflict.

Let’s be honest and say that a lot of people would choose not to fight since it’s dangerous, no one really wins, and one way or another a lot of people will end up getting hurt if they do try to fight. But it is important to know how to fight, or at least how to defend yourself. The problem with videos like this is that it teaches a person a few nonsensical moves that are great if your opponent is standing there waiting for you to remember how to position yourself and where to stand in order to incapacitate them, but no attacker is going to do this, which means that by the time you’ve remembered the lesson you’re either on the ground in pain or are getting pummeled relentlessly for a few bucks and whatever else you might have on you. Self-defense videos are okay for showing people a few moves here and there, but they’re not that great when it comes to really understand what needs to be done when a person is getting attacked. It’s funny to be sure, but the average individual that flails and hopes to land a punch or two might actually do better than those that have watched videos like the one above.

An individual doesn’t have to be a martial arts expert or an MMA fighter to defend themselves, but thinking that they’re ready to take on the world after learning a few moves that a lot of criminals might be able to figure out in two seconds isn’t just hilarious, it’s kind of dangerous as well. The responsibility that these clips have when it comes to actually teaching people goes out the window if someone tries their techniques and they don’t work. Some of the ‘instructors’ might even say that the victim wasn’t doing something right and therefore was unable to effectively defend themselves. From a legal standpoint that would be irritating as all hell, but the fact is that the individual that tries to utilize such techniques is kind of taking their own life into their hands since videos like this leave them ill-equipped for taking on anyone in a street fight. But like I mentioned above it is kind of amusing to think that people believed this worked back in the day and still do in some cases in this day and age. It’s recommended that people don’t try this since the idea of trying to fight someone off using the movements in the clip makes about as much sense as swatting a grizzly with a tree branch, it’s too much effort and is likely to get you hurt. Having a laugh at the clip though is perfectly okay, but if a person wants to learn self-defense there are plenty of certified courses that can help in that endeavor.

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