How Did Anakin Get the Scar Over His Eye?

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Several characters in the Star Wars franchise have had a tough time from their entrance to their exit, but Anakin Skywalker has been put through one fire after another. From the time he was a boy and still a slave to Watto to his transition from a famous Jedi to a dark lord of the Sith, Anakin took his lumps from several individuals. But one marking that is readily evident in the movies and the animated features are the scar that rests on the side of his right eye, which has an explanation in the comics but hasn’t been given in canon. This sounds a bit ridiculous since plenty of reasons could be given. It’s even fair to think that since the reason for the scar has been present in the Clone Wars comic books and animated episodes, it would be easy to incorporate Asajj Ventress, the woman who gave Anakin the scar, into the canon. That doesn’t appear to be the desire of those in charge, however, as several elements have gone into the overall construction of this franchise. 

credit: Star Wars

Asajj’s story could have easily fit into canon with a few needed tweaks, especially since the Clone Wars are past and can take a few adjustments 

Why this character wasn’t incorporated into the franchise in a much bigger way is hard to decipher since she would have added another layer to the story that might have increased the popularity and even continued to show the many different effects the Force can have upon an individual. The fact is that Asajj was a padawan at one time and had to witness the death of her master. She would later be taught the ways of the dark side of the Force, which turned her into the nightmare she would become for the Jedi since only the most powerful of individuals could stand their ground and even fend her off. She and Obi-Wan fought during the Clone Wars saga, and she obviously fought Anakin, as she was the one who gave him the scar when she managed to strike him while he was attempting to save Padme. 

Anakin’s scar could be explained in a number of different ways 

It’s been established that Jedi are not invulnerable and can sustain damage in many ways, not just from powerful dark side Force-users. Droids have taken out Jedi, as have bounty hunters and even regular, non-Force-sensitive individuals that have managed to get lucky. Anakin’s scar could have been a near-miss from a blaster or perhaps even a glancing blow from a heated piece of shrapnel that came too close. The point is that the scar could be caused by just about anything since one thing Anakin has never been when it comes to battle is careful. His tendency to run into conflict could have caused the scar in numerous ways since it’s fair to state that he’s not always watching in every direction that he should be. This still feels like a less-than-adequate way to explain the scar, but it would appear to be the preferred manner that those at Lucasfilm are leaning toward. 

credit: Star Wars

The idea that George Lucas did not approve of many of the current ideas is still a point of interest

It still needs to be addressed that George Lucas has stated in the past that the direction that was taken with Star Wars is not ‘his’ Star Wars. Such a statement could easily feel like a betrayal or even a condemnation to many fans since what has been revealed in the past few decades has been embraced by the fans in one way or another. From the original movies to the EU to the current direction that the franchise appears to be taking, it would appear that Lucas has his own ideas of what should happen and why the current state of Star Wars is not how things should be going. Hearing his input on this matter doesn’t exactly help to pin a worthwhile reason on how or why Anakin received his scar. 

Sometimes fans worry too much about little details

Fans indeed obsess over just about anything that has to do with their favorite franchise. A scar on one of their favorite characters is bound to be seen as worth talking about since it occurred sometime between Star Wars Episodes II and III. The problem with this, unfortunately, is that many fans tend to take things too far and aren’t happy until they get a concrete explanation that will allow them to rest easy and move on to the next fact that they want to obsess over. Anakin’s scar was not caused by Asajj in the current canon, apparently, as the plan appears to be to let the mystery stand as to how such a powerful Jedi was marked in such a manner. 

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