Tales of the Jedi-Recap

Tales of the Jedi-Recap
Star Wars: Tales of The Jedi Reveals Yaddle Voice Actor

credit: Tales of the Jedi

It’s been debated that maybe Star Wars doesn’t need the Jedi/Sith conflict as much as it used to and that it might be best to move on from this overriding element. Thankfully, this sentiment isn’t as strong as it could be since the truth is that the Jedi and Sith are a big part of the franchise still, and finding a different direction is what is really needed to flesh out characters and their stories to give people something else to think about.

The Jedi featured in this show have, thus far, been names and faces that have been seen in one part of the franchise or another, but there is at least one story that’s not quite as satisfying as the Legends version was, no matter if Disney didn’t see it this way. But as for the other tales, it’s fair to say that they were an interesting look into the lives of a few individuals that people have found to be endearing within the franchise. 

The internet is loving Tales of the Jedi's Baby Ahsoka: "Major Baby Yoda  vibes" | GamesRadar+

credit: Tales of the Jedi

Ahsoka’s power has been downplayed, it would appear. 

Maybe it has, or maybe she’s just been kept as a slightly more reserved character for a reason since if she was too OP it might feel as though she hadn’t truly earned as much as she has over the years. The fact that she was able to use the Force as a baby means quite a bit since her ability to use the Force has been with her since she was very young.

The revelation that she was Force-sensitive early on makes it feel as though her separation from her family would have been rather tough since her parents happened to care about her quite a bit. It’s very easy to think that her admission into the Jedi Order would have been a sad day, but there’s also a chance that her parents would have understood. 

Count Dooku was apparently disillusioned with the Jedi long before he left. 

Seeing Dooku from a different viewpoint, and with a blue lightsaber no less, was kind of interesting since, like many Jedi, Dooku was at one point Dooku was bound to the order like so many others, but over the years, it became obvious that the order was changing, and that its tenets had weakened a bit.

With each new conflict, it appears that Dooku was becoming less and less enamored of the order and what it stood for and more aware of what people throughout the galaxy were starting to think of the Jedi.

To realize that many individuals believed the Jedi to be little more than tools of the Republic is kind of depressing, but the truth is that for all their talk of being a neutral group that sought to keep the peace, they did tend to do the Republic’s dirty work a little too often, especially when it came to settling disputes where they should have been the mediators and nothing else.

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi' Chronological Timeline Explained

credit: Tales of the Jedi

Is it really that easy to delete something from the Jedi Archives? 

It might speak to the intelligence and wisdom of Count Dooku when it comes to the ease with which he was able to delete the file that Obi-Wan went in search of in Attack of the Clones, but there’s still the idea that an order such as the Jedi might have tighter security when it comes to their archives.

The fact that anyone, even a Master Jedi, could walk into the archives and change things without being monitored, recorded, or even logged in, makes it even easier to guess how the Jedi eventually met their doom. More and more, it’s becoming kind of clear that their lack of security measures might have helped to lead to their downfall.

That’s a bit of a generalization, to be sure, but at the same time, it does feel as though the Jedi became a little too comfortable in their ways and that they became lax when it came to their place within the galaxy. Dooku’s story makes it clear that the Jedi had, in fact, lost a few steps and had possibly lost their way without even knowing it. 

Hopefully, we’ll get to see a lot more Jedi in their earlier years. 

So far, these mini-stories have been fun to watch, even if Yaddle’s end was a bit tough to take since, in the books, she was given a death that was a little more deserved since she went out committing a heroic act.

It could be said that fighting Dooku after realizing he’d gone over to the dark side was heroic, but it still feels like she was cheated out of a chance to really shine. As for Ahsoka, this only served to make it clear to those who might not have yet realized that she is a rather powerful character and someone who has made the franchise just a little better. 

Yaddle’s end

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