Discovering Justin Pasutto: 10 Fascinating Facts About Jillian Harris’ Fiancé

Discovering Justin Pasutto: 10 Fascinating Facts About Jillian Harris’ Fiancé

Justin Pasutto may not be a household name, but his fiancé, Jillian Harris, certainly is. Harris starred on both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and is now engaged to Pasutto. If you’re curious about the man behind the reality TV star, here are 10 intriguing facts about Justin Pasutto.

1. A Former Athlete with Olympic Dreams

Justin Pasutto was a talented snowboarder who once aspired to compete in the Olympics. He participated in national-level competitions and traveled across Canada and beyond. However, after sustaining several injuries, including broken ribs, he decided to retire from the sport.

2. Reality TV Runs in the Family

Pasutto is no stranger to the world of reality television. He and Jillian currently star in a Canadian reality show called Jillian and Justin, which offers fans an intimate glimpse into their lives and relationships.

3. A Devoted Family Man

Justin lives with Jillian, their one-year-old son, and their family dog in a lakeside home. Despite their fame, they enjoy a simple life and cherish their time with family. Pasutto also has a close relationship with Jillian’s father.

4. Rugby Was Once His Summer Sport

Before focusing on snowboarding, Pasutto played rugby during the summer months. He was so skilled that he competed throughout Canada. Eventually, he chose to concentrate on snowboarding in hopes of reaching the Olympics.

5. Entrepreneurial Spirit

After retiring from snowboarding due to injuries, Pasutto founded Scrub Captain, a company specializing in boat detailing and nautical apparel. He started the business while pursuing his degree and continued to run it throughout his college years to cover expenses.

6. A Key Player in the Family Business

Upon graduating from college, Pasutto joined his father’s real estate company, Innocept Real Estate. His success in the business led to a promotion to a leadership position.

7. A Christmas Eve Baby

Born on Christmas Eve in 1988, Pasutto shares a unique connection with the holiday season. He even proposed to Jillian on Christmas Day, making the festive period extra special for the couple.

8. A Country Music Fan

Despite the genre’s lesser-known status in Canada, Pasutto is an avid country music enthusiast. It appears to be his go-to choice when it comes to tunes.

9. An Adventurous Spirit

Pasutto’s love for adventure hasn’t waned, even as he’s settled down. He enjoys traveling to different countries to experience new cultures and often camps in the wilderness.

10. A Passion for Charity Work

Both Pasutto and Harris are actively involved in charitable endeavors, both locally and nationally. They frequently participate in various charity events, sharing their good fortune with others in need.

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