Five Things You Didn’t Know About Daniela Vega

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Daniela Vega

There are, obviously, so many new up and coming faces within the entertainment industry that it can make your head spin. Many of these new faces that we are seeing in films and television today are actually coming to us internationally, making their claim to fame well known in the nation. One of these actors and actresses that we are seeing make it big in the industry is that of Chilean actress Daniela Vega. Although she has had only a few roles in her career thus far, we are seeing a bright star that is about to emerge. In this article, we are going to give you a little history into this upcoming celebrity, and things you should know about her as she makes her way into the spotlight.

She Has Only Been In Two Films

Her first film was released in 2014, which was entitled “La Visitia (The Guest)”, and it was her debut on the big screen. Her claim to fame truly came in the 2017 Chilean made movie entitled “A Fantastic Woman”, which was directed by Sebastian Lelio, and earned her many accolades internationally as well.

Began Her Acting Career In 2011

Although she has only been on screen for two films thus far in her career, she actually began her acting career in 2011 when she starred in the play “La mujer Mariposa” in her native Chile. In that play, she portrayed the role of an actress. The play was directed by Martin de la Parra.


Daniela Vega has won numerous Best Actress awards at various film festivals for her role in “A Fantastic Woman”. This includes winning Best Actress at the 29th annual Palm Springs Film Festival, which has given her an edge internationally, as we mentioned before.

From Chile

As we have mentioned before, Daniela Vega is a Chilean actress. She was born in San Miguel, Santiago, Chile in 1989. She has obviously come a long way in her 28 years, and is truly making a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

She Is Transgender

In fact, Daniela Vega is the first openly transgender actress that has come from Chile. Because of her claim in the LGBTQ community, Vega has also become the first and main famous face that promotes a commercial campaign which is used to help others with their independent fashion. Needless to say, she is making big strides within her native country.

As we can clearly see, there is a lot that we can expect from this up and coming actress as the years continue on, especially from an international standpoint. We know that she has the potential for great things, seeing her numerous Best Actress awards and her ability to attract audiences on the big screen. We can’t wait to hear and see what future projects are going to be coming her way, and what the next big thing will be for Daniela Vega. This is an actress and a young starlet that has a great deal of potential, with an amazing perspective behind her as well.

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