Why Sentry Needs a Solo Movie/TV Series

Why Sentry Needs a Solo Movie/TV Series

Sentry is kind of like a neurotic version of Superman with a split personality, which means he’s a guy that means well but isn’t all there all the time and can cause a lot of trouble in a very little amount of time. Robert Reynolds is a name that people don’t hear all the time in Marvel, and yet Sentry, his alter ego, is one of the most powerful characters in the entire Marvel universe. This is a character that has gone toe to toe with the Hulk, and an alternate side called the Void. The level of destruction that he can bring is insane, and it’s easy to think that in the MCU he could be one of the more destructive forces around if he was allowed to have a solo movie or TV series. It’s kind of debatable which one would be best since Sentry does have a bit of a story to tell and could be made into a series, but a lot of people who know about the MCU might not know anything about this character. 

The short and skinny of it is that he was a meth addict that took a form of the super-soldier serum that had been heavily modified, and upon drinking it his body was forever changed as somehow he was granted the kind of power that can rival most heroes and villains, or stomp them outright. Seriously, Sentry could be a planet-buster if he really tried, and the fact that the Void is a part of his personality, and a destructive one that takes lives without any thought, makes this guy pretty dangerous. He’s even begged to be locked up in the past and he’s fully aware of the danger of his existence. In the comics, he’s even been subjected to being forgotten since he was simply too dangerous to be kept around. He can do a lot of good, but his personality is so fragile that there are times that it actually affects his powers, and can even bring the Void into being. 

What’s amusing is that Sentry is all about doing good things, but he’s kind of a temperamental hero and isn’t always reliable. During the events of World War Hulk, he had to be coaxed out of his home since he didn’t want to risk letting his power loose again. Sentry is an odd hero to be certain, but he’s one that could easily be the OP of the MCU, even if he didn’t end up being a leader type or even someone that was stable enough to rely upon all the time. He could easily be the wildcard, someone that was there when needed, sometimes, and could otherwise be there to reveal when the story demands it. In that regard, it could be that a series would be the most interesting way to develop this character, if only because it could allow the audience to get to know Robert a little better and figure that the guy has some major issues. His history in the Marvel universe is pretty extensive, but at the same time, he’s still not nearly as popular as other characters, as is evidenced by the fact that there doesn’t appear to have been any interest in bringing him into the cinematic universe yet. 

His status as a problematic hero would definitely be interesting to take a look at since it could involve a large number of heroes, and it could even be that a movie would be great since it could be another event that would pull a larger number of heroes together. The fact is that the Sentry is a ridiculously powered individual who has mental issues, which is the last thing that anyone wants to hear about someone who has such tremendous power. It takes a monumental effort to bring the Sentry down when he’s not willing to simply back down on his own, and it’s easy to think that if this was made into an event or a least a miniature one, it would be a great way to bring him into the MCU. Maybe a series would work to ease him in, but it does feel that he should get a movie eventually. 

The Sentry would be a tough one to bring into the MCU in the sense that his power is immense, but he’s such a troubled character that trying to play him off would take a seriously good actor that could make it feel somewhat real. It’s also something that might get tagged by the over-sensitive among society since Robert does suffer from mental issues, which might not be looked upon kindly. But from the standpoint of a fan and someone that would like to see this character make his debut, it feels as though he could be an interesting addition to the MCU. 

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