Quentin Tarantino’s Hypocrisy and the MCU: A Missed Opportunity or a Dodged Bullet?

Quentin Tarantino’s Hypocrisy and the MCU: A Missed Opportunity or a Dodged Bullet?

There’s something about calling out hypocrisy that can be both satisfying and uncomfortable, like pointing out someone’s physical flaws or undesirable traits. Some people might be crushed or bothered by it, while others have the mental fortitude to turn the tables on their accuser. Unfortunately, Quentin Tarantino doesn’t seem to fit into either of these categories, as he often denies the validity of any criticism directed at him or his beliefs and ideas. His recent beef with the MCU, if one can call it that, stems from the fact that he once had the inclination to write for Marvel or create a Marvel story, but it never came to fruition. In hindsight, this might have been for the best, as his film would likely have been filled with the type of violence and language that would make Blade seem like a Disney+ offering. But another reason to be grateful that Tarantino never wrote for Marvel or the MCU is his hypocrisy, which is evident in the way he speaks about other directors and their supposed errors in filmmaking. It’s easy to argue that the MCU dodged a major bullet by not having Tarantino on board, especially considering his current disdain for the state of the film industry.

Success and Failure: The Importance of Balance in a Filmmaker’s Career

It’s worth noting that Tarantino hasn’t made that many movies, and as a result, his films have been widely celebrated by his fans. While it can be argued that he has yet to produce a single flop, there’s a troubling aspect to this: he has never had to bounce back from a truly terrible movie. Not all of his films have been great (yes, I said it), but he hasn’t experienced a significant loss yet, meaning he hasn’t been knocked off his comfortable box office pedestal. Personally, I find it easier to respect someone who has faced adversity in the form of fans disliking one of their movies than someone who has only known success.

Tarantino’s Unfamiliarity with Box Office Defeat

Tarantino might act as if he has experienced box office failure when complaining about the MCU’s impact on his ability to showcase his movies in venues that he once easily dominated. In other words, it seems as though Tarantino isn’t too happy when the spotlight shifts away from his own contributions to cinema, making him sound like a child who hasn’t yet grasped the concept of sharing attention. It’s worth reminding him that fans will eventually find the movies being presented to them, and releasing more than one film every so often might have allowed him to beat the MCU at the box office. However, he doesn’t produce movies in this manner, as he believes his process prioritizes quality over quantity. Can anyone else hear that whining sound?

Arrogance vs. Humility: A Lesson for Directors

It’s not uncommon for directors to criticize each other, but there’s still a certain level of respect that should be acknowledged when it comes to the contributions of other directors attempting to bring great stories to audiences. Tarantino has been quite vocal over the years about his opinions on the works of other directors and his dislikes. While he has the right to express his thoughts, it’s apparent that when people turn that criticism towards him and his movies, he’s less receptive and tends to act as if his genius is always switched on, guaranteeing that he’ll always produce a great film. It makes one wonder if he has ever learned the meaning of ‘humility.’

Is Tarantino Open to Other Opinions?

If someone ever tried to teach Tarantino the importance of being open to other opinions, it’s possible that he was tuning them out at the time. Throughout much of his film career, it seems that he hasn’t genuinely taken the opinions of others into account. It’s true that directors have their own vision and style, but many don’t resort to calling out an entire era as one of the worst or openly badmouthing other directors to anyone who will listen.

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