Wanda Sykes Takes The “Hot Ones” Challenge And Eats The World’s Hottest Wings

Wanda Sykes eating the world’s hottest wings seems to be the lead in to a funny episode of Hot Ones that might be just off the hook. I mean come on, it’s Wanda Sykes, funny woman extraordinaire that doesn’t take any lip and will always tell it like it is. And she’s eating hot wings. As she’s eating though she’s also getting quizzed as the heat continues to grow and the questions continue to come. For the first third to half of the clip you really don’t see her suffering at all since obviously she likes hot, spicy food. Some people can eat it without much trouble, but eventually she does get to a couple that give her a little trouble.

You can hear it in her voice as she continues to talk that the wings are starting to get to her just a bit. Plus, her water intake is starting to go up so you know it’s heating up. There’s a point that even even people who love spicy food can’t really go past. One wing finally gets to her in a way that the others do not, burning her mouth as she turns on her personal fan to try and help with the heat.

As she keeps talking you can definitely see that the heat is really starting to bug her. It almost looks like a sheen of sweat is popping out on her forehead, but she still keeps going. And then she eats one that makes her reach for the milk and you know it’s finally hit her with the force of a spicy sledgehammer. She can barely talk the heat is so bad, and at some point it’s becoming difficult for her to even concentrate on what she’s saying. Thankfully the host is being kind enough to keep her refilled on water so that she can hopefully continue.

At some point once you get older your body just can’t do the same kind of things they used to. The questions being asked are important enough but the main focus is on the hot wings and nothing else. As a truth serum even Wanda Sykes admits that it’s working, and she would confess to pretty much anything. The host must have a cast iron stomach to keep eating the wings like he does, and it obviously gets to Wanda as she takes a bite of the hottest wing on the table and then proceeds to suffer in a way that did not see coming. She was warned by the host and was ready to tap out, but when the host kept talking and started to eat she went all in and decided to get down and dirty with the final wing.

The pain factor that she must be feeling is immense, but you can see as she takes the final dab and puts it on her wing that she’s not entirely sure about it. She feels like her brain is melting, but she’s still all in like a trooper, and she dives right in again.

Wanda, you are a tough, tough woman. But even you have a limit.

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