Five Things You Didn’t Know about Gad Elmaleh

Five Things You Didn’t Know about Gad Elmaleh

Gad Elmaleh has been around for a while, since about 1994, and has been working his way up the comedic ladder ever since then. His style of comedy is fairly recognizable as it contains certain familiar elements, but it’s still all his own material and is just as funny as anything else. He has a very different approach to comedy than others but tends to get to the punchline at his own pace. He was actually voted the funniest man in France and considering that the country is big on the arts that’s a very high compliment.

It’s a compliment in any country really.

5. His father was a mime.

Gad would introduce him using placards. Mimes don’t generally have a great reputation in some areas but they are a rather unique art form. This could explain where Gad got his sense of showmanship and the movements that he uses so frequently onstage. Plus it would explain in part why he’s so comfortable in front of people when he’s performing his act.

4. He wasn’t a big fan of school.

There have been cases in which those that are extraordinarily gifted in some way have trouble focusing on the basics in school or simply don’t see the point. It’s not always the case, but sometimes those individuals see life in a different manner that doesn’t allow them to focus on the mundane and the well-known. They tend to instead travel at their own pace and follow their own path to the life that they feel is necessary for them. This can cause a lot of hardship but it can be very rewarding as well.

3. He has a comedy special on Netflix.

His comedy special, which is titled American Dream is easily worth watching as he focuses upon what it was like getting to America and what he expected versus what he got. His comedy is such that you can’t help but laugh along when he brings up certain subjects and absolutely nails the social trends that are so common among various groups of people. He doesn’t leave his own country out but he definitely focuses on the theme of the show.

2. He’s referred to as the Seinfeld of France.

That seems like it should be a big compliment since Seinfeld was in fact pretty funny when he was doing his stand up routine and for a good part of the show. Gad’s style of comedy is comparable as he does manage to give his jokes in a deadpan manner occasionally and the quality of the jokes is at times guaranteed to leave some people not getting it but feeling as though they should.

1. He comes from a family of performers. 

As it was mentioned above his father was a mime. His brother is an actor and a singer while his sister is an actor and a stage director. He’s come from a family that knows how to get up in front of people and start performing, so it’s not much of a wonder why he seems so comfortable on the stage.

His comedy special looks like it’s pretty funny.

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