Is Quentin Tarantino Overrated? Yes, Yes He Is

Is Quentin Tarantino Overrated? Yes, Yes He Is
Quentin Tarantino is auctioning never-before-seen Pulp Fiction scenes

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Labeling people isn’t a great thing to do at any given time or to anyone, but there are moments when people do need to be called out for their various behaviors and the ideas they try to get others to believe in. While movie directors are rather abundant depending on skill levels and how many fans they have, there are those among their ranks that appear to forget, sometimes, what life was like before they hit their big break.

The things they say, the things they do, and the attitudes they take on when they finally become famous are kind of telling when it comes to determining what kind of person they are, and while it might be stated that no one knows who a person is until they get to know them, it’s also possible that a person could just be overrated and coasting on the fame that some of their greatest projects have brought them.

That’s where it becomes easy to talk about Tarantino since there are quite a few people out there who believe that the man has managed to convince a lot of folks that his movies are intelligent and snappy and capture the feeling of each era that he films. The truth that people see is typically what they want, however, meaning that there are plenty of fans out there who still believe that Tarantino is a genius. 

desperado quentin tarantino | Photo of Quentin Tarantino from Desperado  (1995) | Quentin tarantino, Doctor strange, Quentin tarantino movies

credit: Desperado

His dialogue isn’t realistic. 

A lot of fans think that the dialogue in his movies is witty, quick, and catchy since a lot of his characters do end up having a cadence that people find infectious. But the fact is, and many agree with this, is that realistically, people don’t talk like this, and it can create a very anxious feeling in a lot of people.

Not only that, but a lot of the dialogue appears to be just the way Quentin likes it, which is to say that it mirrors the way he speaks to people a lot of times. In a big way, it feels as though Tarantino never learned how to really talk to other people and assumed that this frenzied, hectic manner of dialogue was the best way to relate to an audience. 

He’s admitted to stealing his ideas from other movies. 

This is one of the things that Tarantino has admitted to that many people have forgiven him for constantly over the years, and it’s a huge annoyance since it typically means that he doesn’t really come up with his own ideas. He simply takes other ideas and reworks them into something that he believes is original.

It can rightfully be said that a lot of directors and storytellers do this since inspiration is taken from other ideas. But the admission that he steals ideas is a poor choice of words, and the fact that one can see this so easily in the various elements that go into his movies makes it feel as though his ‘genius’ is extremely overrated. In essence, he steals and recycles ideas, which is something that a lot of people do but is still not the mark of a great director. 

Quentin Tarantino, From Dusk Till Dawn, 1996 | Квентин тарантино,  Криминальное чтиво, Актрисы

credit: From Dusk Till Dawn

His ‘genius’ is based on his firsthand knowledge of cinema. 

It’s tough to say that film school is bound to work for everyone since the truth is that a lot of great actors, directors, and performers in general never completed high school and have no higher education, and yet they’re famous and rich and are considered among the best in the industry. What this proves is that a lot of folks in the industry know how to convince people of the veracity of their work, which is what Tarantino has done, to be honest.

He knows how to talk up his own work and his own intellect when it comes to making movies since he’s watched movies, he’s studied them, and he’s found out what people like. To be honest, if this is what makes him such a genius, then a lot of people who watch TV all day should be network executives by now. Even a brief stint in film school would have been enough to build a little more credit. 

Tarantino kind of needs a lesson in humility. 

The fact that he’s only released eight movies in so many years isn’t that big of an issue, but the idea that this gives him the type of expertise necessary to make the statements he’s made over the years about other genres is rather suspect. This director isn’t the worst, but he’s also not the best, no matter how many fans he has. In all honesty, his movies are entertaining, but to think that he’s lauded as one of the best directors, even of his generation, proves that as fickle as moviegoers are, they’re willing to lower their standards on a whim and believe the hype that is given to just about anyone. 

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