10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amy Johnson

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amy Johnson

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amy Johnson

Unless you’re a diehard Below Deck fan, you may not remember Amy Johnson.  She was a cast member during the second and third seasons of the show. While she had a great personality and did an awesome job at work, she sometimes bumped heads with chief sterardess, Kate Chastain. Plus, Amy wasn’t involved in a lot of drama which, in the world of reality TV, can often translate as boring. However, those who have been fans of the show have fond memories of Amy. Although her reality TV days are done, Amy is still living her best life and enjoying life away from the cameras. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about former Below Deck cast member, Amy Johnson.

1. She Still Watches Below Deck

Just because she’s no longer a part of that cast doesn’t mean Amy doesn’t still have love for her Below Deck family. In 2018, she shared a promo photo for the upcoming season and expressed how excited she was to watch all of her old friends and new cast members.

2. She Recently Got Engaged

At the beginning of July, Amy revealed that she had just gotten engaged to the love of her life. Her fiance, Ellis Lenthall, currently works in sales, however, there isn’t much other information about him. Amy seems genuinely happy to be settling down and it’ll be interesting to see if anyone from Below Deck is at the wedding.

3. She Studied Marketing

Working on yachts wasn’t always what Amy envisioned for her future. She was born and raised in Texas attended Texas A&M University where she earned a bachelor’s degree in business marketing. Like many people, she eventually realized that she didn’t actually want to do what she went to school for.

4. She Worked At A Car Dealership

Like most people, Amy couldn’t wait to get a ‘big girl job’ after earning her degree. She was able to land a job that related to what she studied in school. She was hired at a local Cadillac dealership where she worked in sales for many years before leaving to explore a career in working on yachts.

5. She And Kate Built A Good Relationship

Amy and Kate Chastain’s relationship didn’t exactly get off to a good start. This isn’t much of a surprise seeing as how Kate has often struggled to maintain positive relationships with crew members. However, Kate and Amy actually ended up being able to patch things up.

6. She Loved Working With Her Brother

To some people, the idea of working with a sibling is nothing short of a nightmare; especially if the job involves being in really tight quarters like a yacht. However, that was actually one of the best parts about the job for Amy. She told All About the Tea, “Getting to work with Kelley and go through that entire experience with my brother, was one of the best things about season 2 for me. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes there were additional stressful aspects having my brother on board, but overall that was the best takeaway of the season for me.”

7. She Was Actually Supposed To Be In Season 1

Timing is everything, and that phrase perfectly describes Amy’s journey to being cast on Below Deck. She was actually asked to join the show for season one, however, she opted to take a job in St. Martin instead. Producers ended up calling get back before the second season to ask if she was interested, and this time she said yes.

8. She Loves Playing Nintendo

Amy grew up in the 80s, so it’s no surprise that she loves classic video games. Growing up, playing video games was one of the things she enjoyed doing with her brother. She has an extra special appreciation for Nintendo and loves to play Super Mario.

9. She’s Not Very Active On Social Media

Being on Below Deck helped Amy build up an impressive following on social media. On Instagram, she has nearly 60,000 followers. On Twitter, she has 55,000 followers. However, she isn’t very active on either platform. She hasn’t posted a tweet since the fall of 2018. On Instagram, she has only posted two things throughout the whole year.

10. She Found Her First Yachting Job On Craigslist

Although it may seem sketchy today, there was once a time where Craigslist was the go-to for everything from job opportunities to used furniture. When Amy realized she was ready to leave the corporate life behind, she headed over to Craigslist where she found a job posting for a cook on a yacht.

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