Five Terrible Movies Involving The Cast Of How I Met Your Father

In the spin-off to CBS’s successful How I Met Your Mother show, the latest adventure follows Sophie and her group of friends who are trying to figure out who they are and how to fall in love in the age of dating apps and limitless options. How I Met Your Father features a mix of veterans and newcomers with a filmography that contains several bad movies. This list will highlight the five worst movies involving the cast of How I Met Your Father. Each of the movies has ten or more unfavorable reviews. The only features exempt from this list are animated. Let’s get started with the first movie.

The Haunting of Sharon Tate

In this insult and embarrassing fiction of the heinous crime of Sharon Tate, it follows the rising star who’s about to have her first baby. Tate suffers from terrifying visions, and her worst nightmares come true when she encounters members of the Manson Family cult. Ruined by a nonsensical script that oddly fuses real-life newspaper clippings and video of the actual Manson Murder, this film has no reason to exist other than to showcase some weird, twisted version of the infamous murders. Horrendous plotting and a story that doesn’t even attempt to thoughtfully dive into the characters or situation, and shamelessly exploit the horrific murders for no good reason. Duff deviates from her usual bubble gum roles but is guided under terrible direction, thus her performance sticks out in a bad way. A terrible film that’s on the levels of The Room, though it doesn’t even come close to having the entertainment that the The Room has.

Material Girls

This misguided attempt at comedy-drama sees Hilary and Haylie Duff as cosmetic heiresses who must grow up quickly when a company scandal leaves them dead broke. Though the advice of selling out to their biggest competitor is advised, the sisters decide to take the matters in their own hands and try to save the company. Material Girls could’ve been a nice coming-of-age story about two girls learning to grow up and how material possessions isn’t needed to survive, but this feels like an excuse to sell Hilary Duff’s new perfume. The protagonists are highly obnoxious, and Material Girls doesn’t have enough wit or charm to make up for the lack of a decent plot with interesting characters. Even veteran Anjelica Huston is unable to overcome the messy and lifeless plot that’s been recycled from better films of the same genre.

The Perfect Man

As you’ll notice, Hilary Duff has made a lot of questionable film choices. The latest is The Perfect Man, which follows Heather Locklear’s Jean as she navigates life after her bad breakup. To cheer their mother up, Holly creates a fake online secret admirer, but a romance develops when Jean actually falls in love. This falls into the classic line of Hilary Duff teen rom coms: A glossy, overly cheery, messy affair that’s never funny, insight, or even compelling. The Perfect Man doesn’t have anything new to say regarding the genre and it’s so sugar coated in niceness that it boards on satire at times.

Love and Honor

In this muddled mess of a film, Love and Honor is about two soldiers who manage to sneak back into the U.S. and spend some time together that eventually has them questioning love, honor, and commitment. The chemistry between Liam Hemsworth and Austin Stowell feels pretty authentic and sweet, but unfortunately, they’re stuck in a preposterous film that’s unable to convince of its meandering story. This is another example of a Nicholas Sparks type movie: beautiful people in gorgeous settings, extremely sappy and melodrama situations that feels contrived. The message behind Love and Honor is well intentioned, but the bad script keeps it from truly sticking once the credits roll.

A Cinderella Story

Another “modern twist” on the classic Cinderella story. This time, Sam plays the popular Disney character, who works as a janitor and dishwater for her stepmother. However, a cell phone mix up sees her text messaging an anonymous boy. Once she figures out that the boy is Austin Ames, the most popular guy in school, she freaks out and tries to make herself look cooler. A Cinderella Story tries to stick to the traditional formula that worked so well back in the original cartoon, but the update comes across as clunky, nonsensical, and weird. The film fails to add a unique spin to the classic tale, nor does it have anything interesting to say outside of its weak update. Duff is fine in the lead, but she’s given material that doesn’t truly challenge her character that would make her standout from her other rom-com vehicles. A Cinderella Story feels more at home on the Disney channel because the weak script, the overly positive narrative, and bland retelling of this feature is a pointless cash grab that really has no business at the box office.

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