Five Scenes from The Vampire Diaries that Prove Why Damon and Elena Deserved Each Other

There have been countless of novels, films, and television shows that center around vampire-themed romances. This fascination may stem from the mysteriousness that immortality brings, as well as the unrequited love that usually comes with these types of storylines. The famed CW teen drama, The Vampire Diaries, was one of the television shows that explored the different facets of supernatural love. It followed the story of Elena Gilbert, portrayed by Nina Dobrev (Love Hard), a mortal who falls in love with the Salvatore brothers, Stefan, portrayed by Paul Wesley (Tell Me a Story), and Damon, portrayed by Ian Somerhalder (Lost), who were hundred-plus-year-old vampires, and who also resided in the fictional town of Mystic Falls. It was two very different kinds of love stories, which showed us how true love can defy the odds. Here are five scenes from the series that prove why Damon and Elena deserved each other:

5. When it was revealed that Damon really met Elena first

Elena and Stefan were portrayed to cross paths first, but in reality, it was really Damon whom she met first. The scene where this was revealed tied the two characters’ storyline beautifully. Damon was seen approaching Elena, whom he thought was Katherine, his ex-love, who is revealed to be Elena’s doppelganger. The two strike a conversation where Elena somehow opens up to Damon about her personal life, while Damon questions what she really wants in life. This encounter was erased from Elena’s memory by Damon, as she sends her off with a wish that she gets everything she’s looking for. It’s a sweet gesture that just goes to show that the chemistry and attraction was there from day one.

4. When Elena received a present from Damon

Damon was introduced as a bad boy without much of a moral compass. Seeing a shift in his personality was one of the highlights of the series. The impact of having Elena in his life ultimately made him a better and more considerate person. The scene where Damon surprises Elena on her birthday by finding the lost necklace with vervain that Stefan originally gave her showed how he was trying to be the bigger person. He respected that Elena was still not over Stefan at that point in time, and just tried his best to be there for her and protect her in the best possible way he can.

3. When they shared an epic moment under the rain

The flashback scene where Damon reminisced a memory he shared with Elena gave viewers a glimpse of the good times in their relationship. Drama seemed to follow them around that one special moment was replaced by a problem to resolve. The couple was seen attempting a stargazing experience when rain suddenly poured. They both got drenched but were unfazed by it all. They were deliriously happy and promised each other that what they had would be forever. Seeing them this way was a reprieve from the other challenges that followed their relationship. It was a light-hearted moment that was pure and uninhibited.

2. When Elena revealed her true feelings to Damon

Elena has always been conflicted about the Salvatore brothers. It’s never easy being caught in a love triangle, more so if the people you are in love with are brothers. The scene where she finally admits to Damon that she is in love with him was a game changer for their relationship. The build-up leading to this confession scene may have lasted for seasons, but good things do take time. Their romance was a slow burn that only strengthened their feelings for each other. Elena realized that Damon was the one for her, and all of Damon’s efforts and huge character development was all worth it in the end.

1. When Elena became human again

Another scene where Damon shows his unselfishness was when he found a way to make Elena human again. He knew that Elena did not really want to be a vampire even though she says that she is content to be able to spend forever with him. At the end of the day, being human again mattered a lot for Elena, and Damon was ready to give up a lot of things to be able to give her humanity back. The scene where Elena finally turned into a human again, and got her lost memories back in the process was liberating for both Elena and Damon. Elena had finally gotten what she really wanted, and Damon was faced with an opportunity to join her on the other side and become human again. This thought would have never crossed his mind if not for Elena, who changed his life in more ways than he could imagine.

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