The Vampire Diaries 1.19 “Miss Mystic Falls” Recap

‘Beauty and the Beast’ was the theme on last night’s Vampire Diaries as we saw the return of Bonnie (YAY!), more snooping from Jon Gilbert (BOOO!!!), and the seeds being laid for a Delena pairing. Oh and Stefan is up under the wagon now.

The Set Up

Stefan arrives at school with a new swag in his step. Everyone notices it, even Elena, who Stefan eases with news of him being back on the wagon. But it’s a bold faced lie as Stefan goes to his trunk (after sending Elena off, of course) where he has packs of blood stored like a bagged lunch. So sad…

Damon has a meeting with Sheriff Forbes and Jon Gilbert, who reveal that the Mystic Falls Blood Bank was hit hard, which explains the blood bags in Stefan’s car. Jon suggests that he and Damon work on the case. Of course, Damon is not thrilled about this pairing.

Bonnie returns (YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!), but she is distant towards Elena and Stefan. Elena tries to talk to her after class, but Bonnie makes up excuses for not calling Elena. Caroline steps in the picture and not only reveals that Bonnie stayed in constant contact with her, but also reveals that she and Elena have to get ready for the Miss Mystic Falls pageant, an event that Elena completely forgot about. You know vampire boy troubles and all can do that to ya. Caroline asks if Elena (hopefully) is dropping out, but Elena says she has to go through with it due to it being her mother’s wish that she participated.

Anna stops by to visit Damon, apologizing for Fredrick’s lame brain scheme of capturing the Salavatore brothers. Damon doesn’t buy it and warns Anna to tell Pearl and her lackey vamps to back off from stealing blood bags from the hospital. Anna is puzzled, given that Pearl got rid of the remaining vamps, leaving only Anna, Pearl and Harper left. Dun, Dun, DUN!!!!!!!

Damon confronts Stefan about his human blood binge, but Stefan denies it up and down. Later after being asked by Elena to be her escort at the Miss Mystic Falls Ball, Stefan makes a trip to the basement for some sustenance. He opens a freezer that is nearly filled to the hilt with blood bags and is caught by Damon, who does a combo of berating Stefan and teasing him all at once. Stefan doesn’t let Damon’s whining get to him until Damon brings up Elena’s lack of knowledge pertaining to Stefan’s new hobby. The nerve has been struck, but Stefan makes it clear to Damon to mind his own damn business and to especially leave Elena out of it.

What’s Eating Bonnie and Stefan?

Mrs. Lockwood and two other ladies interview the candidates for Miss Mystic Falls, which include Elena, Caroline and others. There is one candidate, Amber (Spencer Locke) who is the only person chosen that doesn’t belong to a Founding family. I smell shame and a breakdown for this one.

Damon gets a visit from Jon Gilbert, who is looking for an invention from the original Jonathan Gilbert that was thought to be lost in the Fell’s Church fire that was supposed to had killed the vampires. He feels that Damon knows Pearl, who had the invention, and tries to blackmail Damon into helping him find it. Damon calls b.s. and admits to tagging along with Jon’s game of blackmail only so he could be lead to Katherine. Now that he sees the Jon knows as much about Katherine’s whereabouts than he does himself, Damon disinvites Jon from his house.

While practicing the intro dance, Elena is enjoying Stefan’s newfound lease on life, still oblivious that Stefan is technically drinking the vampires equivalent to Red Bull, hence his new sense of having fun. Meanwhile, Bonnie arrives with Caroline, who runs down the flaws of her competition before concluding that Elena is technically the one to beat. When they arrive, Bonnie is not thrilled to see either Elena or Stefan, but agrees to a quick chat with Elena in private.

And, boy, does Bonnie let her feelings be known…

After Elena prods her, Bonnie reveals that she blames Stefan and Damon for the death of Grams, who Bonnie feels died for nothing since the vampires still escaped from the tomb. Bonnie tells Elena that she can’t pretend that nothing happened, but will not make Elena choose her loyalites. My heart has just been staked…

Stefan leaves school to only be stopped by the smell of blood on the basketball court. While he tries to control himself, Alaric appears and Stefan nearly rips his head off. Muttering an apology, Stefan takes off, giving Alaric ammo to further not trust him with Elena.

Preparations For A Blood Bath…

Alaric comes to pick up Elena and Jenna. He asks Elena about Stefan’s recent behavior, to which Elena vouches is due to the torture Stefan went through. Alaric ‘accepts’ this answer… for now at least.

At the ball, Damon approaches Anna about Jonathan Gilbert’s invention and demands that she finds it if she and Pearl want to stay in Mystic Falls unharmed, because Jon Gilbert is moving in close. Later, Jeremy talks with Jon about being a Founding family and brings up the original Jonathan Gilbert’s diaries and the contents within the pages. Jon is thrown aback by Jeremy’s knowledge of the diaries, but feigns ignorance when Jeremy asks if Jon thought the diaries were true. He also tells Jeremy that there are more journals of OJG (that’s what I am calling the original Jonathan Gilbert from now on…) leading to his death. Jeremy then spies Anna, gives Jon a vague explanation of how he knows her and runs off to meet her.

While getting ready, Elena and Jenna discuss the absence of Elena’s mother and how Elena would be more excited about the ball if she was there. Caroline eavesdrops in on the conversation, feeling as if she doesn’t have a chance in the world to win now. Elena goes to put on her dress and bumps into Amber, who is nervous about the event and runs to get some air. After Amber leaves, Damon appears and lays the doozy on Elena about Stefan’s recent activity. Elena is floored. Damon goes on to explain that Stefan is in bad shape and can screw up everything if he doesn’t get his blood lust under control. Stefan walks in on them and they have an intervention, but Damon leaves Elena and Stefan to duke it out verbally, which is what they do. Elena voices her disappointment, despite Stefan saying that he is fine, but she is not buying it. After talking with Elena, Stefan freaks and throws a tantrum in a bathroom, but is interrupted by Amber, who has the misfortune of seeing Stefan in vamp mode. Uh-oh…

Jeremy approaches Anna, who is still pissed that he used her to try to get to Vicki, but Jeremy turns the tables on her when he reveals that he knows about Anna’s plan to feed him to Pearl. Anna changes her tune when Jeremy reveals that he knows everything. He declares that if Elena is hiding stuff from him, then he will hide stuff from her. He goes on to say that he’s pissed and glad he had his memory wiped, because he didn’t want his last memory of Vicki being that she wanted to hurt him. Anna declares that her original plans for him are in the past and that in the present, she doesn’t want to hurt him at all. Aww… crap. Jon Gilbert is watching from afar. Just ruined a good moment…

Red Rain

As Elena and Caroline wait to be called to the floor, Elena freaks when she doesn’t see Stefan and wants to drop out the pageant. But Caroline stops her and reminds Elena that she is doing this for her mother and that she needs to see it through. Go head, Caroline!

Stefan takes Amber from the ball, compelling her to do his bidding. He is practically talking to a wall since Amber is either repeating him or asking stupid questions, one to which Stefan answers that he is “hungry.” Mmm. As Stefan whines about being the “good brother” and that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, Amber asks him if he wants to hurt her. He answers that he wants to kill her, and pretty much mutilate her in the process. Um…okay. She then asks Stefan what’s stopping him. I beg for her to shut the hell up. He asks for “one taste” and he takes it. Not cool, Stefan.

Meanwhile back at the ball, Elena is finally called, but since Stefan is nowhere to be found, Damon steps in to save face. They begin the introduction dance and Damon already knows the moves, probably cause he did it before. The scene plays out nicely and a million Delena fans are screaming, making fanfic, or YouTubing this clip as I write. Chemistry screams from Damon and Elena and I predict a pairing pretty damn soon…

Later, the winner if Miss Mystic Falls is announced. The winner is… Caroline Forbes!!! Caroline beams since she didn’t think she was going to win, but her mother is not there to see her get the crown. Why? Because Sheriff Forbes and Jon have found the mess left behind by Stefan and they call Damon in to help investigate.

Meanwhile, Stefan makes Amber fear him by compelling her to run for her life. She does so while Stefan struggles with his urges. Inside the house, Damon informs Elena of what happened, while Bonnie watches from afar. When Damon and Elena leave the ball, Bonnie is hot on their trail.

Outside, Stefan changes his mind and catches Amber and begins to feed on her. Damon, Elena, and Bonnie arrive in time to distract Stefan, who is acting like a newborn vamp. Damon tries to subdue his brother, but Stefan flings Damon across the forest. Then all of a sudden a sharp, loud noise enters Stefan’s head. The cause of it? BONNIE!!!! She calms Stefan from attacking without flinching, lifting a finger, or breaking a sweat and looks fine ass hell while doing it. Sorry… Stefan comes to his senses, but that entails realizing what he just did. Horrified, Stefan runs off into the woods.

Promises, Promises…

Sheriff Forbes asks Damon, Elena, and Bonnie if they saw anything, but they all play dumb with Bonnie being highly reluctant to do so. After they are let go, Elena wants Bonnie to talk to her about everything, because it seems as if she didn’t get the message earlier. Bonnie tells Elena that while she isn’t making Elena choose between their friendship and Stefan, she has to make the choice herself and would like for Elena to leave her the hell alone. Ouch…

Back at the ball, Jon asks Jenna about Anna, who Jenna inadvertently discloses that Pearl is Anna’s mother and that they are the ones trying to buy Dr. Grayson’s building. Son of a … Meanwhile, Elena runs into Alaric, who asks her what’s wrong. She solemnly looks as if she is about to ask him for a favor.

Damon runs into Anna and Pearl, who gives Damon a pocket watch that belonged to Jonathan Gilbert. It wasn’t the vampire tracking device that she thought she had stolen from him, but it’s something else entirely different. Pearl asks that Damon accepts the watch as a token of apology for the recent events and (one could say) a means of trust, so that she and Anna can remain in Mystic Falls.

Stefan returns to the mansion where Elena shows up. They have an argument about Stefan being the monster that he is, but Elena is not believing it, no matter what he says. He shoves her into a wall, then breaks down and cries in Elena’s arms. While she tells him that it’s OK, she pulls a Buffy by stabbing him in the back with one of Alaric’s vervain darts. Damon enters and asks if she is sure she wants to “go through with this.” She says yes.

They then lock Stefan in the cage in the basement. Damon declares that it won’t work, but Elena still has faith and feels that it will. After Elena declines to leave, Damon takes a seat with her and join in on the wait.

From The Journals of the Founders

– Um… wow.

– BONNIE’S BACK!!!!!!! But I am scared of her. Seriously, yall. Bonnie has a plan and said plan is being energized by pure, unadulterated vengeance for Grams’s death. She doesn’t want to be near Elena when the plan goes into fruition, because think about it: the pain would be less of a blow if she and Elena aren’t as tight as they were. The betrayal would be kind of expected… But that’s not the reason why I am scared, folks. I’m scared that Bonnie’s vengeance could lead her to getting killed, because since she has been gone, the playing field has changed. New players are on the game board and time is running out quicker than someone who has just ingested a spicy fajita. In short, it will not end pretty.

– Neither will the situation with Stefan. If it does, I won’t complain, but I can’t imagine a good outcome from this scenario, which is in my opinion good damn writing. As long as they don’t kill off Bonnie that is. But what could possibly go wrong if Stefan doesn’t stop his binge drinking? Hint: look at the dance scene between Damon and Elena.

– Jon Gilbert is going to frak some crap up now that he has intel and a direct link to Pearl. True, Pearl gave the contraption he was looking for to Damon, but that doesn’t mean Jon won’t harm her, Anna, or even Jeremy to get to it.

– Anna and Jeremy are also on my not long for this world list, and I am not talking about their relationship.

– When will Jenna get a clue? If she does, will it be the end for her as well?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Three episodes left!!!!


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