The Vampire Diaries 5.13 Review: “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

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The stakes were raised in this latest episode of The Vampire Diaries.  Katherine is gradually taking over Elena’s life, but there are visible flaws in her plan.  Damon’s humanity switch went off last week, and he’s as bad as he was in the first season.  Meanwhile, it seems Stefan will be only one able to save both Damon and Elena.

There’s finally a new witch in the mix now that Bonnie’s just your average spiritual anchor to the Other Side.  Conveniently enough, the only time we’ve seen Bonnie in a class at college is when she’s seated next to a classmate who she notices is levitating her pen over her notebook.  This girl, Liv Parker, isn’t exactly open to the idea of helping Bonnie.  She’s not used to her powers, but with Bonnie’s help and Damon’s vampire scare tactics, she is able to locate Wes.

It wasn’t enough for Damon just to be back to his killer ways.  No, we got a new twist on dark Damon when Traveler witches weakened him enough for Wes to inject him with his vampire specialty.  Remember Jesse from earlier this season, Caroline’s crush that Wes turned into a vampire who feeds on vampires?  It should be interesting to see how Enzo tries to handle this new cannibalistic Damon.  He probably doesn’t feel much of an obligation to help cure his old friend who left him to die once upon a time, so if Damon doesn’t kill him first, I would think Enzo will probably get as far away as possible.  That’s where Stefan comes in.  He’s committed to bringing Damon back from the brink of his destructive behaviors and he doesn’t even know about his new impulse to feed on fellow vampires.

Once Stefan saves Damon, the brothers really need to put an end to Wes Maxfield.  He’s more annoying than anything at this point.  It’s just complicated now that he has a mysterious new Traveler named Sloane and her fellow witches on his side.  They’re interested in funding the Augustine vampire experiments after Aaron cut off Wes’ funding just before his own death at Damon and Enzo’s hands last week.

How is it not obvious to everyone that Elena isn’t herself?  Katherine is acting way too eager to please, especially towards Stefan.  We get it, she wants to be with Stefan but she’s going to have to try to act the part a bit better.  Her eye roll when she heard that Jeremy was kidnapped was classic Katherine, and not in a good way.  She’s lost all sympathy from the viewers, and she’s only messing this up for herself.  Maybe Caroline or Bonnie will find Katherine’s new diary where she literally wrote that she loves Elena’s life.  I highly doubt Elena ever wrote about herself in third person, so that should be a dead giveaway.

Now that Matt is onto Nadia, he needs to find a way to tell someone else what’s going on before she drains him of the vervain in his system.  Hopefully Tyler didn’t buy Matt’s lame excuse and will keep snooping around.  It’ll be super obvious that something is up if Nadia continues hanging out at the Mystic Grill for entire shifts that Matt works.  Not to mention the fact that Matt won’t have the answers to every question that could pop up about Elena’s life.

Matt should come up with some clever way of leaving messages to himself when he’s under compulsion similar to Cami on The Originals.  That reminds me, he did have cameras set up in his house earlier this season when he was possessed by the Traveler, Gregor.  Maybe they’re still hooked up, and he can catch Nadia on camera if she visits him at his house.

I was not expecting Stefan’s confession to Elena/Katherine that he’s been waiting for Damon to screw things up badly enough with her.  This is all before he even knows what’s just happened to Damon, that he admits to liking the man he’s become with Elena.  He wants to save his brother because he’s genuinely happy to see that he was a better man.  Team Salvatore!  Maybe Stefan will start to get suspicious as Elena clings more and more to him instead of showing any interest in saving Damon for herself.  It was just two weeks ago when Stefan and Elena were trapped in the barn by Travelers where he essentially gave Elena his blessing to not give up on Damon.

Speaking of that scene when the witches drained a bucket of blood from each of the doppelgangers, what was that about?  When will we find out what they did with it?  Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t it seem like there’s a lot of loose threads this season?  We’ve still got time to get all the answers and more, it’s just slightly confusing to keep track of everything.  Like didn’t it ever occur to Bonnie that it’s weird she never saw Katherine pass through her as the anchor to the Other Side?  I really thought that would have been addressed last week as Katherine was getting more comfortable in Elena’s body.

We have to wait until February 27th to see what happens next!

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