The Vampire Diaries 2.14 “Crying Wolf” Recap

After watching tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, I know what side of the supernatural turf I want to belong to. Too bad Tyler wasn’t so clear on his own choices.

Act 1 – A Weekend Getaway, Vengeful Plans

The morning after the wolf slaughter from last week, Jules and Brady learn from another wolf, Stevie, about the Sun & Moon curse and Mason’s involvement in it with some vampire named ‘Kathy’. Brady declares to kill every vamp in town to stop them from breaking the curse.

At Caroline’s house, Stefan calls Elena and the two decide to escape to a cabin in the woods for the weekend, which would be a way for Elena to leave the drama behind, namely John.

Damon walks Andie out the house, but gets some interesting info involving a new writer in town who is none other than Elijah. Alaric stops by afterwards and the two talk about trying to get rid of Elijah, but Damon wants to see what the Original has up his sleeve first.

Bonnie concocts a plan to place a truth spell on Luca to get him to come clean about Elijah’s plan. Meanwhile, Caroline notices Matt giving her the evil eye from afar and tries to figure out what’s his deal. In the woods, Tyler is filled in on the significance of the moonstone from the Wolf Pack and they enlist him in helping them find the rock and ‘Kathy’ in order to gain control of the curse and be able to transform at will. For Tyler, this would mean not having to change at all. Tyler is shocked to find out that ‘Kathy’s’ doppelganger is actually Elena.

Caroline approaches Matt to talk about their relationship, but he throws Caroline’s lie about being with Bonnie the night before. While Caroline tries to regain her wits, Tyler bumps into her, making Caroline drop her purse in the process. While the two argue, Tyler swipes Caroline’s phone. Say what?! As predicted, Elena gets a text from “Caroline” who wanted to speak to her and unknowingly gives her and Stefan’s plans away to a bunch of bloodthirsty wolves hellbent on revenge.

Game. On.

Act 2 – Respect Your ‘Originals’, Child!

Stefan and Elena arrive at the cabin, which is Elena’s first time back since before her parent’s death. Later Elena reminisces about previous stays at the cabin and the conversation turns to she and Stefan’s future. The two cuddle and look cute for everyone as Stefan gives Elena the first memory for the future, which is him telling her that he loves her.

Meanwhile back in Mystic Falls, Damon arrives at the Historical Society dinner honoring Elijah. Jenna is shocked at how fast Andie has grown to bad boy Salvatore, who “formally” introduces himself to Elijah. When the two vamps step away to discuss matters, Jonathan makes it his business to get in Alaric’s face demanding answers about Damon’s latest scheme. When Alaric doesn’t budge, Jonathan resorts to some shade as he brings Jenna’s name up in the conversation by claiming it’s time she knows about the things that go bump in the night and Alaric’s dealings with them. He also suggests that Alaric doesn’t sleep over any more and that the ring Isobel gave Alaric belongs to him.

While in solitude, Damon tries to get information out of Elijah, which is the equivalent of a child demanding for his parents to give him the car for the weekend. After foolishly challenging Elijah, Damon gets tossed around the room like a ragdoll by the Original. Damon reminds Elijah of the deal with Elena not to harm her friends, and Elijah answers by jamming a pencil in Damon’s neck. He reminds Damon that he’s useless when everything is said and done, so Damon should show some respect to be possibly spared when the dust clears with Klaus.

While Bonnie slips Luca some of her witches’ brew to knock him out, Caroline notices Jeremy as serious feelings for the resident witch. The two help Bonnie walk Luca out of the Grill.

Act 3 – Vampires vs. Werewolves: Round Two

While Elena has more nostalgic moments throughout the cabin, she and Stefan stumble upon a hidden room in her parents old bedroom closet, which holds old vampire slaying gear. The Winchesters would be proud.

Bonnie, Jeremy, and Caroline prep for Bonnie’s spell. As Jeremy leaves the room, Caroline eggs for Bonnie to acknowledge and reciprocate Jeremy’s feelings toward her, because she’s not in a position to pick at the moment.

Back at the Salvatores, Alaric and Damon discuss Elijah and Andie Starr, the latter who Alaric begs Damon not to kill out of fear of upsetting Jenna. As Alaric leaves to go pick up Jenna, he’s attacked and stabbed by Stevie the know-it-all werewolf. Damon enters the fracas and Stevie plunges a syringe filled with tranquilizer in the vamp’s neck, eventually subduing Damon. Jules and more werewolves enter the house to let Damon know that round two is in effect.

Act 4 – “Elena (Still) Has To Die”

Elena and Stefan discover more journals belonging to the original Jonathan Gilbert among other items. Meanwhile, Brady gives Tyler an ultimatum on whether or not if he’s with them on capturing Elena, because he seriously doesn’t have time for games. After some lite intimidation from Brady, Tyler relents and says he’s down for the cause. Bad choice, pimpin’.

At the Gilberts house Uncle Jon is still throwing his weight around as he chastises Jenna on her parenting skills by allowing Elena to go wit Stefan for the weekend. Oh, so now you want to play Daddy, Jon? Jenna (and I) are not trying to hear it, but Jon brings up Alaric’s past and how it’s murky to the point that she might want to check into it.

At the Salvatores, Stevie has Damon chained up in some torture device that would make Jigsaw pissed and demanding to collect royalties for his work. Jules and Stevie torture Damon as a means to get him to up the location of the moon stone. But this is Damon we’re talking about, he’s not going to give them anything.

At Caroline’s house, the spell is underway and Luca is talking against his will. He says that Elijah and and the Martins are working together to kill Klaus so that Luca can save his sister from Klaus’s clutches. It seems that Klaus has used generations of witches to find an alternative way to break the curse. Elijah promised to hand over Luca’s sister after they kill Klaus. Bonnie asks how can they kill Klaus and the answer is a doozy. Klaus will be vulenerable after the sacrifice is completed, meaning Elena still has to die. Shock of horrors!!!

At the cabin, Stefan is collecting firewood when Brady and his trigger happy finger attacks with wooden bullets. He has Tyler look over Stefan while he goes and retrieves Elena.

Act 5 – The Strangers, But With Werewolves

Stefan is in pain and trying to plead with Tyler, who seriously thinks that everyone around him in Mystic Falls has lied to him. Tyler declars that he can’t let Stefan and the others break the curse, cause that would mean he’s stuck changing on full moons forever. He and the wolves need to do it to save themselves. When Stefan mentions trying to keep Elena safe in all this, Tyler foolishly promises that Elena will be fine, not knowing that Elena has to die in order for the curse to be broken for either faction. Stefan educates Tyler on what’s really going down and the poor guy looks pissed.

At the cabin, Elena senses something is wrong and is right as Brady starts chasing her throughout the cabin, acting all sure of himself while doing so. However, Elena maintains the upper hand the entire time, stabbing Brady when the opportunity presented itself and never being hemmed up in the process. As Elena runs out the house with Brady hot on her tail, the wolf is met with Stefan’s hand ripping into his chest and yanking out his heart. Bye, bye, Brady. We hardly knew ye, and really aren’t sad to see you go.

Elena is shocked to see Tyler, who obviously freed Stefan, and the guy apologizes profusely about his role in the latest drama to befall Mystic Falls.

At the Salvatores’, Jules is about to amp up the torture with a shotgun when Elijah steps into the house with the moonstone. Damon watches gleefully from his torture chair as Elijah lays the stone on the table, nonchalantly egging the wolves to take it. One by one, the Original vamp takes out every wolf who heads towards him by ripping out their hearts (is this officially how you kill a wolf on this show?). Jules bolts out the room like Rose did when Elijah last visited the Salvatores, leaving Stevie cowering in a corner like the weakling he really is.

Elijah snaps Stevie’s neck and frees Damon from his chains, reminding the young vampire that this latest rescue is the third one in a row. In other words, step up your game, Damon.

Act 6 – Breaking the Cycle; Martyrdom

Damon finds out from Bonnie that Elijah still plans on killing Elena, while Alaric finally wakes up from his wounds. Seeing how late it is, Alaric calls Jenna to apologize for missing their date, not knowing that Jenna is a bit shaken from Jon’s words.

Stefan receives the news from Damon concerning Elena and he’s not happy, but that’s pennies after finding out Elena knew all along. She made the deal to protect her family and friends, not necessarily save herself. Stefan, after hearing Elena’s explanation, calls her a wannabe martyr and tragic figure, because he’s lived for 162 years while she hasn’t even begun. It’s safe to say he’s highly not amused at the moment.

Bonnie and Jeremy finally share that kiss everyone has been waiting for after she gets over seeing Jeremy as Elena’s little brother. Tyler leaves a note for his mother before going to see Matt, who he explains the whole Caroline thing to, revealing that Caroline was only there in a time of need and he fell hard and that’s it. He makes Matt promise to treat Caroline right before saying goodbye. Tyler then stops by Caroline’s house, but she doesn’t see him standing outside her window.

Lastly, Tyler leaves with Jules, demanding that she can’t lie to him anymore for this to work. She agrees and comments on Tyler doing the right thing by leaving to which he surmises that he can’t stay in Mystic Falls anymore.

The end.


Where the hell is Tyler going? Will Elena eventually fight for her life? What is Elijah really up to? Stay tuned next week, because we sure as hell will

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