Nina Dobrev is Officially Returning to The Vampire Diaries to Play Elena

Nina Dobrev is Officially Returning to The Vampire Diaries to Play Elena

Literally just a few hours ago we ran an article that specifically talked about why Nina Dobrev left The Vampire Diaries in the first place, we find out she’s returning.  In short, her reason for departure was to get away from being typecast and expand her repertoire.  Dobrev has shown a penchant for liking actions movies.  Still though, you can’t blame her for giving the show one last hurrah.

Only about an hour ago, Dobrev, just like in her exit from the show, took to Instagram to make viewers of The Vampire Diaries very happy.  She said, “I’m thrilled to bring this show to an end the way we always intended – with Nina back to help us say goodbye,” executive producer Julie Plec said in a statement. Adds fellow EP Kevin Williamson, “I’m so excited to have Nina back to ensure our farewell episode is truly epic!”  Here’s the official post:

I know it’s Thursday, but this is not a TBT. #BackOnSet #TVDForever

A photo posted by Nina Dobrev (@ninadobrev) on

While speculation was all over the internet of Dobrev’s return to play Elena one more time, this was the official evidence we all needed.  While Elena has been all over this season it’s been in flashbacks thus making fans long for the days when Dobrev was last on the show (Season 6).   TVline was told by producer Julie Plec:

“I reached out and said,’ We can either cobble it together from a bunch of episodes, or you can come in and see everybody and do ADR,” executive producer Julie Plec told TVLine of Dobrev’s vocal cameo. “She chose to do it in person, which was great, because it was a nice little personal Nina visit.”

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