The Vampire Diaries 2.04 “Memory Lane” Recap

The Vampire Diaries filled in some blanks in the increasingly fleshed out back story that intrigued viewers from Season One, while intertwining new slivers of information to complete the canvas for now. Plus, it was a flashback episode!!! All in all, tonight was a doozy.

Lockwood Mansion 1864

Stefan dances with Katherine, but spots Damon sadly looking at them from afar. When Stefan looks toward his brother again, he notices that Damon is now talking to Elena. Wait. What the hell is Elena doing in 1864?! Stefan runs to stop Damon from taking Elena away, but Katherine pleads for him to stay. Stefan does otherwise and runs after Damon and Elena, leading him to present day where he watches as Elena and Damon share a passionate kiss in the Mystic Grill. Katherine shows up, still in her 1864 garb and says that now Stefan knows how she feels about him and Elena. She promises to never leave him and Stefan hesitantly seals the promise with a kiss.

Present Day – Real World

Stefan jumps out his sleep, finding Elena sound asleep beside him. He settles back down, but immediately jumps out of bed and growls. Katherine is just that damn convincing as Elena…

Stefan, Your Love Wasn’t Compelled…

After a mini battle, Katherine reveals to Stefan that she came back for him and only him, nearly breaking down into a vampire’s rendition of “You’re Gonna Love Me” as she confesses her feelings for him. Later, Stefan finds Katherine reading Damon’s journals, which brings out Katherine’s knowledge of werewolves. She reveals that they, well really George Lockwood, were the reason for the vampires “eradication” back in 1864. As a bonus, Katherine gives us some mythology on the werewolves, which is that the Lockwoods carry the wolf trait in them, but that doesn’t mean that they are full-fledged werewolves. Aahhhh! (More on this later.)

Acting as if he is seduced by Katherine’s word games centered around love, Stefan stabs Katherine with a vial of vervain. He locks her up in the basement holding cell and demands for Katherine to come clean about her true reasons for returning, and boy does she come clean!

1864, Katherine is informed by a fellow vampire that there is something amiss with the latest slaying since it didn’t resemble a vampire’s MO. Knowing that a werewolf is in the midst and who it is, she decides to work her charm on George Lockwood, but quickly lets wolf boy know who’s boss and that she has his number.

Later, Katherine recounts the night that Mr. Salvatore invited her to stay with the family, which was before each Salvatore brother knew of her true nature. She reveals what really happened when Stefan approached Katherine on his own accord about his feelings for her, kissing her to show he was being real. This throws Katherine off guard and she runs to her room, where Damon so happens to be. After being irritated by Damon’s constant advances, Katherine compels him to leave her be. In short, Stefan’s love was actually his own feelings, not compelled as Katherine did with Damon’s love.

In the present, Katherine reasserts her stance on being in love with Stefan and returning to Mystic Falls to be with him. Stefan is floored. So am I. I am even more flummoxed at Katherine’s insistence that Stefan will fall back in love with her. She claims that she will wait until he comes around. I say don’t hold your undead ‘breath.’

But wait, folks, there’s more!

Turns out that Katherine made a deal with George Lockwood back in the day to have all the vampires killed in the Old Fell Church in exchange for her escape, demanding that no one knew about her escape! Mouth on the floor. OMG!!! Stefan wants to know why the hell Katherine would do something so heinous and what did George get out of the deal. Katherine dodges the former question, but answers the latter by saying George wanted something very valuable to him. Wonder what that could’ve been?

When she remarks that Damon and Stefan’s ill advised rescue attempt nearly cost her a way out, Stefan barks that he and Damon died for nothing. Oh no, Katherine counters, telling Stefan that he died for love; her love. Awww… Consider Stefan’s nerves struck.

Elsewhere, Elena and Caroline chill at the Gilberts’ residence where Caroline reveals her breakup with Matt, which forces Caroline to ask about Elena and Stefan’s chances at lasting due to the vampire/human debacle. As time goes by, Elena feels that something is wrong since she hasn’t heard from Stefan, claiming she needs to get to the Salvatore house stat. Caroline begins to stall and whine about Elena being under Stefan’s control. After getting a raised eyebrow from Elena, Caroline offers to take Elena to the mansion. But unbeknownst to Elena, Carolina pulls the air tip to on of the tires when they get to Caroline’ car. What the hell are you doing, girl?!

On the way there, Caroline continues to be annoying about vampires dating humans, which is really annoying the hell out of Elena. After the tire finally pops and the girls wait for help, Caroline finally snaps and argues that while Elena is old, Stefan will still be young, which doesn’t work well for each person. Elena has had enough and takes off for the mansion alone.

In the basement, Katherine promises Stefan that she will get what she wants eventually and will kill anyone who gets in her way; especially Elena. This sends Stefan in a rage as he prepares to stake Katherine, but can’t bring himself to do it. Seeing this, Katherine gives Stefan an ultimatum: if he still sees Elena, then she will kill everyone close to the girl, saving her for last. As Stefan raises the stake again, Katherine surprises him by bursting out her chains without a problem. Then she drops the bombshell that after drinking vervain everyday for 150 years, the stuff doesn’t even phase her anymore. So Katherine put on the whole act to only spend time with Stefan? Wow… Is it that serious?!

Elena arrives at the mansion and is greeted by Katherine! Holy Catfight, Batman! The encounter shakes Elena to the core, but Katherine disappears leaving Stefan to console Elena. Awww, I wanted to see a catfight of sorts!

Katherine finds Caroline and demands why the girl didn’t hold Elena back like planned. When Caroline stammers out an excuse, Katherine tells her a second death is on the docket if she doesn’t shape up fast.

At the Mystic Grill, Caroline apologizes to Elena for her behavior earlier and the friends make up. Elena then talks with Stefan about Katherine, who Stefan feels is being serious about painting Mystic Falls a new shade of red if they don’t back off on their relationship. Elena balks at Stefan’s suggestions of cooling things down while Katherine wrecks havoc in the town. All while this goes down, Caroline and Damon are eavesdropping hard in the conversation.

The Lockwood Curse

Tyler is still a little pissed about Mason not revealing anything besides what he witnessed last week. Tyler asks Mason again about the moonstone, which Mason plays down again as just a family heirloom.

Damon has gotten Alaric to talk Jenna into having a small barbecue get together with Mason as one of the guests. Once the gathering starts, Damon constantly drops references to wolves or dogs in general. Mason knows what’s up and tells Damon later informs Damon that he knows about him being a vampire, as well. This only fuels Damon’s plan to kill Mason as he steals a silver knife from Elena’s house and trails Mason after they leave the Gilberts. After some words, Damon stabs Mason with the knife, but to his amazement nothing happens. Well, one thing does happen: Damon has officially made an enemy out of Mason. Good job there, Damon! We can always count on you to unnecessarily piss someone off…

When Mason returns home, Tyler hides the moonstone, but coaxes Mason about knowledge of it’s location in exchange on knowing what triggers the curse. Mason doesn’t want Tyler to know this information, but when he finally spills it, I can see why he wouldn’t. It seems that to trigger the curse, you have to kill a human. I don’t know if that means rip them to shreds or just snapping someone’s neck, but one thing is for sure: Mason is a flat out murderer and he is severely paying the price for it.


Damon runs into Katherine, who tells her about his werewolf encounter. She tells him to not be a hero or he’ll end up dead, which Damian replies it would actually be worth it this time. Zing!

Stefan stops by Elena’s house and the two hug it out, revealing that their little fight was a ruse to throw off Caroline, who they know will run back to Katherine and spill the beans. They decide to uphold their ruse to keep Katherine off guard, meaning leaving Damon in the dark. As Stefan carries on about how Katherine doesn’t care about anyone but herself, the Queen of the Night flashes back to night the Salvatores died trying to save her.

1864 – After escaping the tomb, Katherine finds the Salvatore brothers’ bodies. George Lockwood comes to collect his prize, which is actually that damn moonstone Tyler is pawning in the present. Well, what do you know? This girl Katherine practically rules the supernatural underworld of Mystic Falls. Anyway, Katherine stops by Stefan’s body, tells him that she loves him, and that they will reunite one day. Stefan, you are so wrong in you sentiments, bro, True love never dies…

With enough information overload to make one keel over in a drunken stupor, The Vampire Diaries is not slowing down their train anytime soon. Your thoughts?

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