Five Reasons Why Vision Should Return to the MCU

Five Reasons Why Vision Should Return to the MCU

Five Reasons Why Vision Should Return to the MCU

As more and more characters are introduced into the MCU it stands to reason that people would like to see some of those that helped to create the stories that people have been enjoying for the past decade and more. If one is being honest, Vision was brought in early on in the first movie as JARVIS, the online AI that helped Tony Stark so often and was essentially the long-suffering butler that had been with Tony for a while. His physical form wouldn’t be revealed until 2015 when Avengers: Age of Ultron revealed the form that JARVIS would take as he ended up becoming the Vision. His relationship with Wanda would grow from that point as they were eventually seen to fall in love and become protective of each other. But after being reassembled and set against Wanda and Vision, it’s easy to say that despite regaining Vision’s memories, things are still going to be quite different if he does find his way back into the MCU.  Here are five reasons why White Vision should make his way back into the MCU. 

5. It would help to balance Wanda out again. 

That’s the general idea at least since White Vision does have the memories of the character that he used to be. But how he’ll assimilate those memories is hard to say. In the comic books, he would eventually come back and he and Wanda would reconcile and continue their relationship. But since things in the MCU are being handled a bit differently, it’s hard to say how this would work. It might balance Wanda out to have Vision where she could see him and work with him to figure out the memories that he might be having an issue with. But at the same time, it’s fair to say that it might be a long road to travel. 

4. He’s been a part of the Avengers too long to be dismissed so easily.

In the comics, the Vision has been an Avenger for a long time, as he and Wanda have had many adventures with the team, even if they weren’t always together. Even in the movies, it’s implied that they’ve been operating as part of the team for a while by the time things finally start to happen with Thanos. By the time Infinity War comes along it’s easy to see that while they’re not a part of the team since the team is fragmented, they’re still reliable enough that allowing Vision to simply fly out of the story for good doesn’t sound like a possibility that fans would agree for very long. 

3. With the original Vision’s memories he should be able to reintegrate into the MCU.

I did mention this already, but it still needs to be pointed out since the fact is that during their fight in the WandaVision series, Vision did manage to instill his memories and data into the White Vision’s mind, creating a confusing storm of information that the new Vision couldn’t deal with at the time, prompting him to fly off and virtually disappear. But if those memories ever assemble in a way that makes sense without the mental confusion, it’s very possible that he could come back and find his way back onto the team, possibly as one of the veterans that would be able to serve as an experienced member. 

2. There are plenty of conflicts that could be coming that Vision could help with. 

There are a lot of conflicts yet to come, and the Vision has been around long enough that he could be a great help with many of them. It’s fair to think that Paul Bettany might age out of the role before the Vision is no longer needed, but the beauty of an AI is that there are plenty of ways to write the story in a manner that can allow them to switch forms and keep going. At that point, it becomes the responsibility of the storytellers and the actors to make certain that the characters are represented in ways that are bound to please and entertain the fans in a way that will not be questioned at every turn. 

1. His exit wasn’t entirely satisfying. 

More than a few people have talked about this since WandaVision ended since White Vision hasn’t been seen following that confrontation. His absence is something that some people might not care that much about, but it’s not hard at all to find people that want to see Vision return since he’s a powerhouse that the Avengers could end up needing, especially if other heroes such as Thor and the Hulk are bound to retire at some point. It’s always easy to imagine that other heroes are going to be groomed to take over, but Vision is one of those that a lot of folks are wanting to see come back. 

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