Guy Makes a Real-Life Jet-Powered Landspeeder from Star Wars

This is definitely not a big person craft unless a person installed a bench seat and reconfigured the steering wheel to sit in the middle of the dash. It’s still an impressive little ride though and one can see how it would be easy to be a little envious of the guy that gets to own this beauty. Of course the jets don’t seem all that safe, though it does inspire me to break out the S’mores and get to roasting the marshmallows. That being said it’s still a very cool ride and one that a lot of people would probably break the bank to own. A solid metal construction makes it easy to think that this thing would last for a while, but the proximity to the ground does make one thing that the first heavy bump would do some serious damage. Ria Misra of Gizmodo confirms the whole mirror trick with the wheels to make them seemingly disappear, but it was also stated that Vaseline was used on the camera lens to give the ‘hover effect’ that was explained away at one point. There were a number of pre-CGI tricks that were used back in the day to make Star Wars great, but the simple tricks for the landspeeder were kind of fun to learn about.

The time and effort put into making this thing had to be considerable even for someone that happens to enjoy building things such as this. Plus getting the details right couldn’t have been easy since if anyone remembers Luke’s speeder was pretty beaten up in the movie, in fact it’s even shown that way in the toy versions that have been pushed throughout the years. But the dedication and attention to detail is great since it does really look the part and it would draw a lot of attention rolling through town if anyone used this for their everyday vehicle. Chances are you’d get pulled over more than a few times for driving something that just looks unsafe, but all the same it’s still something that you can see in a collector’s garage if they had the money and enough room. A lot of spouses would likely say hell no but it would still be an impressive piece since not everyone has one and the idea that one could own a piece of movie history is always a big draw for some people, especially dedicated Star Wars fans.

With the Rise of Skywalker coming soon it’s also something cool to look on and remember the good old days when Luke’s biggest concern was rolling into Tosche Station for some power converters and being thwarted by fate to take care of two droids that would deliver him an endless supply of trouble and a rendezvous with fate that would send him down a path that would one day end with him….being a crazy old hermit living at the edge of the galaxy and drinking milk from the teat of a strange sea cow. Yeah, that was less than expected since people were hoping that Skywalker would come back and rock some crazy moves and take on Snoke and Kylo, or one or the other, and kick some serious ass. But no, we had to see the devolution of a character that started out as a whiner that had all the ambition in the world but not enough courage to follow it as he turned into an old hermit that had given up on basically everything, including himself. Phil Hornshaw of The Wrap has more on this idea. It wasn’t exactly the buildup that people wanted since Luke Skywalker was a hero of the Rebellion and was given no respect in the face of a feminist-driven movie that really turned him into something he wasn’t. In a one on one battle that pitted Luke against Rey, even if he was holding back, he should have easily stomped her into the ground to get his point through, but instead he was brought down and then threatened with HIS OWN lightsaber for crying out loud. Does anyone else think that he could have still shut her down fairly easily?

It doesn’t matter that much now since he still wasn’t given the greatest sendoff and it’s a big hope that the Rise of Skywalker will be a redemptive movie that will give us some real closure with Luke and possibly even redeem the trilogy in a big way. It would be interesting is this speeder or something like it made an appearance in the movie, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that. So far the trailers look as though they might be giving too much away, but the hope is that we haven’t seen all the best parts, and that there’s enough to look forward to that will bring an end to one of the greatest sagas ever told.

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