Marvel Fans Discover Synced-Up End Scenes in Wandavision and Loki

Marvel Fans Discover Synced-Up End Scenes in Wandavision and Loki

Marvel Fans Discover Synced-Up End Scenes in Wandavision and Loki

This goes to show that if you give fans enough coincidence to go on they’ll act as eagle-eyed theorists every time since one of the current theories made by Marvel fans is that the moment that Wanda realized her potential was when He Who Remains states to Loki and Sylvie that they crossed the threshold and the Sacred Timeline was fracturing. There’s also the connection that when Agatha Harkness falls to the ground that He Who Remains drops something on his desk. To those that love to attribute a grandiose meaning to everything, these moments were connected in a way that meant that Wanda had had a hand in fracturing the Sacred Timeline and that there was a connection between her show and Loki’s. Well, the simple answer is that yes, there is a connection, they’re both in the MCU. Apart from that, there isn’t much of a connection between them since like it or not, Wanda might be a very powerful individual and steeped in supernatural ability, but as far as anyone knows she’s still earth-based and doesn’t have a huge, working knowledge of the Sacred Timeline.

Some might want to say that this doesn’t matter, that her power can still be disruptive as all hell, and they’d be right. But what they’d be wrong about is that there is no big connection between these two stories, at least not in the manner that people appear to be thinking. This was even debunked by the director of Loki, who stated that it was a coincidence and that WandaVision was already making its way to Disney+ when Loki was in post-production, which makes it a little difficult to coordinate such a thing. When Marvel fans want to get together and theorize it’s not unlike an old-fashioned knitting circle, theories, gossip, and rumors fly about aplenty until something sticks and it’s assumed that whatever was just said must have some validity to it.

There’s bound to be some connection that will draw the characters of the MCU together again, and Wanda will obviously continue to be a part of the story as well, but as of now, it’s been established that no such link exists. One can imagine that a lot of fans don’t want to believe this, that they’ll gladly believe anything they can see or hear, but it feels safe to say that a lot of people will come around eventually. Theories are plentiful when it comes to the MCU since there’s a lot of material to consider, and the manner in which it’s displayed and put together often gets people thinking that there’s something more than what they’re seeing. One might call this paranoia in anyone else, or the simple need to know that there might actually be more than the obvious at play. But this time it’s pretty easy to say that both Loki and WandaVision are on their own course. There has been a rumor that Loki will show up in the next Doctor Strange movie, so there could be a connection at one point or another, but this one has been debunked, so it’s time to move on.

It’s a little tough to admit that there won’t be another season of WandaVision, but thinking about after a minute or so, such a show would be kind of difficult since the white Vision is currently an unknown commodity since Paul Bettany was said to not have a renewed contract with the MCU, and the story would have to adapt in a very big way. There will obviously be a second season of Loki since the ending to season one has opened up so many possibilities that trying to think of them all is enough to give a person a headache. The theories are going to keep coming without fail since asking people to stop is like trying to ask the tides to keep coming in and going out, it’s going to happen regardless of what people say or do. It’s interesting though since most theories are interesting and do have a little bit of validity to them. To be fair so does this one but it’s the type that likes to compare oranges to apples.

Fans of the MCU are always coming up with one theory or another that will explain to them and to others what might have been missed, what the story is really about or trying to say, and anything they happen to find pertinent. A lot of times it’s simply for fun since people love to think of the different paths a story can travel and what might happen if certain theories are proven correct. A lot of times the theories don’t pan out, but they’re still fun to read all the same since it does get the mind working in a manner that can lead to the inspiration that might one day become another story.

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