Why We’ll Be Giving Disney Plus Series “WandaVision” a Try


Right away we have to know that WandaVision will be a limited series, and Cat Wyatt from ScreenRant would easily agree with this since from the ending of Captain America: Civil War to the beginning of Infinity War there’s only a certain amount of time in which the two characters can get into any number of adventures. In that time however it would seem that there might be plenty of opportunities for these two get into matters that might be interesting to fans since with who they are it’s very likely that they’ll have others that might be interested in messing around with them. One thing that’s kind of obvious is that Tony Stark won’t have anything to do with this unless RDJ has made an amendment in his contract that will allow him to show up in the program now and then for a cameo. It seems doubtful, but it also seems likely that there might be some way to make it happen if such was desired. It could be though that the series will focus only on the two heroes since to do otherwise might not have seemed all that feasible.

According to Corey Chichizola of Cinema Blend the span of time that the Russo’s gave between Civil War and Infinity War is roughly two years, so the series is going to have to fairly truncated and kept on a tight schedule of events since it’s very likely that by the time Thanos started gathering the Infinity Stones that Vision’s stone might have been sending out those strange pulses that we saw in Infinity War, causing him discomfort every now and then. It is curious though since in the MCU Wanda and her brother Pietro’s powers were brought on by one of the Infinity Stones that her mere presence and the use of her powers wouldn’t cause Vision some pain or discomfort. Perhaps the relations between the energy that each stone puts out is different between certain stones. It’s an interesting theory at least. That being said though one has to wonder just what kind of adventures Wanda and Vision are going to be having since in the comics they’ve almost always been a part of the Avengers or, in Wanda’s case, the X-Men, since she was a mutant in the Marvel universe. There are plenty of enemies to take on in the MCU that haven’t been unveiled yet, and Wanda even seems to have a part coming up in Doctor Strange 2, but it will be without Vision at her side.

The story that lies between Vision and Wanda is an interesting one that has been around for decades now, and once people saw them both in Avengers: Age of Ultron, it was a big hope that things would evolve in a manner that would finally bring them together, though it does seem like an odd pairing still. An AI inhabiting a body created for a specific purpose and a mutant, or altered human being that can warp the very fabric of reality, seem like an odd couple unlike many, but throughout the comics they were one of the most iconic couples that could be found for a long time running. It wasn’t always a perfect relationship, as Nat Bremmer of ScreenRant has managed compile a list of things that have happened throughout the history that exists between Wanda and Vision.

The MCU doesn’t seem to have much choice though since from the story arcs that exist in the comics there are really only a few that they could possibly play out since anything else would destroy the continuity that has already been created. One thing is obvious though, it could possibly mean an inclusion of other heroes to the MCU if they play their cards right, as Wanda and Vision have interacted with a great number of heroes and villains over the years and have even been at odds with their fellow heroes more than once. The possibilities of finding story arcs that come from the comics is one that a lot of fans would love to see since simply taking two iconic characters and giving them what amounts to a big nothing-burger that will put them against unknowns and on missions that make absolutely no sense wouldn’t exactly do them justice considering all they’ve been put through already. Hopefully WandaVision will be something that, despite being a limited series, will manage to kick up the story of the couple in a way that explains just where they were and what they were doing between Civil War and Infinity War. That alone would be kind of nice to know, and as I already alluded to it could open the door to other heroes making their way into the MCU. So definitely put this one on your watchlist, since it’s no doubt going to be interesting.

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