Video Explores Who WandaVision’s Agatha Harkness Really Is

Video Explores Who WandaVision’s Agatha Harkness Really Is

This past week there’s no doubt that one name has been on everyone’s mind when it comes to WandaVision, and that’s probably Agatha Harkness. A lot of those that haven’t read the comic books and have only seen the movies so far are likely to be a little confused since despite the fact that Agatha has been there the whole time right in front of our faces, laughing and cackling away as the next-door neighbor that has escaped suspicion, save for those that have read the comics. It’s still hard to believe that a lot of people had her pegged that quickly, at least for certain, since the theories have been flying thick and heavy since the first episode of the show when Wanda and Vision saw the SWORD agent pop up out of the sewers. At that time Agatha wasn’t given much more notice than has ever been given to a character on any sitcom that was just there.  But there have likely been hints during the course of the show, and one of the biggest was when she was in a witches costume for the Halloween episode. But now that she’s been revealed it would appear that a lot of people are willing to see what else is going to be happening now that she’s making herself known. There are a few questions that kind of need answering since the story of who Agatha is in the comics and how she’s appearing in the show kind of need a bit of explaining.

Most people should guess that she’s a witch by now, and someone that’s extremely powerful if she can pull the wool over Wanda’s eyes. But there are a few things from the comics that people would likely love to know about simply because they haven’t been shown yet. It could be that the next episode will make all this clear, such as her familiar Ebony being a black cat in the comics, while she’s seen holding a bunny rabbit in the show. Plus, the explanation of where the twins went is going to have come in, since in the comics it came down to the idea that Wanda was made to forget that she’d had kids, but there was also the mention that Agatha revealed them to be parts of the demonic being known as Mephisto, which is another big explanation that needs to be made, since learning of her children again made Wanda go nuts, and she even wound up killing Agatha at one point, but of course in the comics people don’t stay dead that long, and after spending some time as a ghost and following Wanda around, Agatha was resurrected as a younger woman, meaning she had a new lease on life in a way.

There are bound to be a lot of people that are rightly confused at this time as to what is going on and what is going to happen, but it feels likely that a lot will be explained in the next episode and hopefully in the finale. As far as season 2 goes it sounds as though Wandavision will be heading straight into the Doctor Strange sequel, but there’s been no denial that there might be a second season in the future. It’s odd to think how that could possibly be if Doctor Strange would be getting involved with Wanda in any way since one would almost think that she might have whatever malady she’s suffering lifted by the Sorcerer Supreme. But Strange’s involvement could also mean that Agatha is not the villain in this scenario, since in the comics she was known to work with Strange a time or two. But it’s still possible to think that Agatha might be breaking bad simply because the idea in the MCU has thus far been to attempt the unexpected, and one of the powerful witches in the Marvel universe going bad would definitely be unexpected. But it could also be Agatha’s intention to help Wanda if the twins are revealed to be manifestations that were meant to keep her (Wanda) contained. There’s also the question of who Evan Peters is playing since it’s a bit obvious that thanks to Agatha’s manipulations that he’s not Quicksilver, or perhaps not the person that Wanda thinks he is.

There are way more questions than answers right now, and hopefully that will change as the last two episodes roll out, but one thing is very clear, and that’s the fact that Agatha has had a lot of time to either keep Wanda tucked up and out of the way in her own little dreamscape, or to eliminate her entirely. So figuring out what her game is will no doubt be kind of mind-blowing since given how powerful Wanda is, there’s a lot at stake.

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