Five Predictions For Sylvester Stallone’s Superhero Movie “Samaritan”

Five Predictions For Sylvester Stallone’s Superhero Movie “Samaritan”

Five Predictions For Sylvester Stallone’s Superhero Movie “Samaritan”

Sometimes it would be nice if superhero movies weren’t predictable and would throw everyone a curve now and then. It does happen and it’s usually very appreciated, but far too often, movies featuring superheroes will stick to a formula and won’t see fit to deviate from the said formula.  Sylvester Stallone has played several heroic characters throughout the course of his career, but he has yet to play an actual superhero, so this should be somewhat interesting given that it’s a new look for him and should probably be something that will help to further and possibly cap off his career at some point given that the guy is in his 70s. It’s still a wonder how he’s able to keep going as he is, but there’s no doubt that the injuries he’s incurred in several movies are taking a constant toll on him as he continues to age.

With that in mind, here are just a few predictions we’re making for Samaritan.

5. There will be retired supervillains waiting in the wings.

Amazingly, villains tend to need heroes since otherwise, they get to have their way too often, and then there’s nothing left. This is especially true for villains that absolutely love the fact that someone will stand up to them since the fight is more important than the conquest they seek. It’s not hard to think that if there are any supervillains in this movie that they’ll come seeking out an old enemy when he resurfaces or is noticed by enough people that his presence becomes a sensation that folks won’t stop talking about.

4. The hero will deny being a hero at all.

Old heroes that disappear tend to be those that were tired of the life and had already come to question whether they were doing any good or if they were more of a problem than people were willing to admit. More than one hero has gone through a crisis of conscience over the years and it’s fair to say that a lot of them have at least given some thought to the pain and suffering that they’ve contributed to through more than one battle that’s taken place in public. It’s not hard to think that some of them would go into hiding or simply fade away and allow their alter ego to wither in the public eye.

3. Coming back will be one last act of courage before he either dies or disappears for good.

In movies such as this, one can almost assume that something will click in the hero’s head and they’ll come back out of some personal obligation or because they’ve grown attached to the person or people that discovered them and found out their secret. The gruff, dour old hero that doesn’t want to be involved with the world any longer usually finds a soft spot for someone if they discover their secret and end up coming to care about them. It’s an eventual path to redemption that tends to lure people such as this out of hiding and brings them back to a world that actively forgot about them.

2. The kid will be the bullied type.

Kids that find heroes in movies are usually the type that NEED heroes since they’ve been bullied, neglected, told they’re no good, etc. These types of kids in movies tend to be those that are bright, intuitive, or have some special quality that makes them see the good in the world that a lot of other people choose not to see. But in a movie like this, it’s almost a sure thing that the kid who finds the old, retired superhero living next door to him is going to be the type that needs protection of some sort or is simply bullied without mercy by those that think he’s weak and/or foolish.

1.  The kid will become involved in an old feud between the Samaritan and an old or new villain.

Somehow this does tend to happen in hero movies since the moment the hero begins to care about someone, typically the person that found out their secret, the villain will somehow lock on this and make it a very personal thing between themselves and the hero by using the newfound friend as bait. This usually works as a plot device since it gives a sense that the hero will have to care enough to come to rescue their new friend and the villain will look absolutely petty for having to draw someone else into the mix just to get the hero’s attention. It’s pretty standard for some hero movies and it’s part of the overall formula.

Samaritan isn’t hitting theaters until 2022, so there will be a lot of time to talk about it and try to discover just what Stallone will be taking on with this story. It’s fair to say though that he might do alright.superhero movies

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