The Five Best Moments From The Escape The Field Trailer

The Five Best Moments From The Escape The Field Trailer

The Five Best Moments From The Escape The Field Trailer

First-time writer/director Emerson Moore introduces the world to a new horror-thriller that sees six strangers wake up in a remote, endless cornfield. Stripped of their possessions, the strangers are left with these six items: a gun with a single bullet, matches, a lantern, a knife, a compass, and a flask of water. However, the seemingly never-ending maze comes with numerous complications such as traps and an unseen evil that picks them apart from one by one. Escape the Field stars Theo Rossi, Shane West, and Jordan Claire Robbins. The upcoming horror thriller is set for theaters and VOD on May 6, 2022. Here are the top five moments from the recent trailer.

Sam wakes up in the middle of a crop circle

Despite the underwhelming title, Escape the Field starts off promising. Jordan Claire Robbins’s character Sam suddenly awakens in a field with crop circles. Now, crop circles in cornfields are usually associated with aliens, and given the supernatural elements of the upcoming horror-thriller, could that be the case here? Out of all the people in the world, why are Sam, Tyler, Ryan, Cameron, Ethan, and Denise trapped in a seemingly endless cornfield maze? Are they being punished for their sins? Or are they unlucky strangers who are forced into a deadly life or death game? The center of Escape the Field is an intriguing mystery that has all the right pieces of the puzzle to be something special. This indie film may not feature a big-name cast or director, but it has a promising trailer that warrants more exploration of whatever the hell is going on in this world.

A Mysterious Man Is Killed By A Supernatural Force

The food is rotten. The water is scarce. Just when it seems like there’s no hope, a mysterious man pops out of the blue to give the strangers dire news: there is no way out. In order for Escape the Field to truly be something special, it has to be smarter than the audience. It’s rare that these mystery thrillers come out these days, but even when they do, they tend to be disappointing features that aren’t as smart as they seem to be. That could ultimately be Escape the Field, but there’s so many compelling layers to this story thanks to the strong editing of the trailer. Before the mysterious man is pulled away by some unseen force, he offers some added tension to the story. It now feels hopeless for these characters to escape a world that they were dragged into. This moment makes every hope spot meaningful and helps gravitates us towards the characters naturally, as we humans don’t want to see people suffer. The supernatural element only increases the anxiety of what’s shaping to be something fresh and exciting for the horror genre.

A Creepy Mannequin

Mannequins have always been creepy since the dawn of time. The gun with a single bullet, matches, lantern, knife, compass, and a flask of water is obviously something that’s leading to a revelation that the six strangers must figure out. However, what’s the purpose of the mannequin? Is it an addition clue for the strange puzzle? Or is it there just to scare the crows? It’s not just the mannequin itself that makes this moment fascinating, but what this could eventually lead up to. What does the unforeseen antagonist want? These little clues don’t provide much context just yet, but it’s surely interesting enough to purchase a ticket and see where this all leads to.

A Thing Is Set On Fire

All signs point to aliens. The weird crop circles. The never-ending cornfield. Of course, there’s clearly a human force behind the puzzles in Escape the Field, but exactly how does the two connect? Is this some sick game that the captors find amusing? More importantly, if these are aliens, why are they here? Where did they come from? Is there are greater secret beyond the corn field in this horror-thriller? There’s obviously a supernatural force at work, though given the lack of clarity, it could actually be the humans trying to scare the crap out of these strangers. This seems to be a glimpse at some predator like creature, and it’s a clever way to give some information out without having to reveal the mystery.

People In Gas Masks Come Out Of The Field

Is this a cult? As previously mentioned, a human force is clearly behind the events surrounding these six strangers (unless aliens have learned to kidnap and craft intricate puzzles), but this seemingly gives more clues on the antagonist that we’re dealing with. Just like the creatures, who the hell are these people? Is this a religious sacrifice? Or is everyone on a strange planet like the soldiers in Predator? There are plenty of compelling avenues that this story could go in; hopefully, it’s not something that ruins the film.Shane West

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