Five Superhero Movie Scenes That Made Zero Sense Whatsoever

Five Superhero Movie Scenes That Made Zero Sense Whatsoever

There are moments in superhero movies when you really have to wonder why a certain scene was added in and what possible use it could have in the overall film. It might make sense to the director and it might look extremely cool but to those that like to pick apart movies one frame at a time it makes absolutely no sense considering that it doesn’t really further a goal or fit with the character’s overall makeup. Still these scenes are usually added because in the mind of the creators they tend to be needed for some reason that fans can’t fathom. Fans have to remember though that what they want versus what they get are two different things most times, and had they gotten what they wanted it could have been just as bad as what they actually got.

It makes sense in a way, just like the scenes depicted below made sense someone else.

5. Wonder Woman – ending scene

The latest installment of DC’s movie muscle was so well done that people are bound to be talking about for the rest of the year and likely into the next year. With Wonder Woman returning in Justice League soon enough there’s a good chance that she’ll be a topic of interest for a long time to come. The problem with the movie however comes during the last scene when Diana leaps from the top of a building decked out in full costume for seemingly no reason. Where’s she going? Where’s the threat?

4. Superman – mass destruction

Putting aside the fact that Snyder obviously wanted to go dark in his version of Superman this fight is so far beyond what the man of steel stands for that it actually angered a lot of fans. True, Zod doesn’t care about humans and thus doesn’t give a rip about where he fights. But the real man of steel would have done his best to take the fight far away from a populated area to minimize casualties and damage. And then there’s the matter of snapping Zod’s neck. Superman just crossed a line no one thought he’d be capable of doing.

3. Deadpool – Where’s Francis?

Even Wade doesn’t know Ajax’s real name at first, he has to guess. But when he does he tortures the man relentlessly with it. The problem? No one else knows Ajax’s real name. Yet when Wade goes on his little vendetta, taking out the lower-tier bad guys, that’s the only guy he’s asking for. No one knows his name and yet a few of them seem to recognize it well enough to not give up any information.

2. Suicide Squad – Why the bad guys?

It’s an answerable question but it’s still one that needs to be examined a bit. According to the time frame at least a good portion of the Justice League, though not yet formed, are active at this point. And put together they are actually stronger than the Suicide Squad. So why not foster some goodwill between the US government and the heroes and ask them for help?

1. Quicksilver – using his power

When you’re fast enough to avoid bullets it seems like you should be using your powers to do something other than giving security guards wedgies and pulling pranks that aren’t lethal but could definitely hurt. One thing that Quicksilver doesn’t have in his favor and makes for some ridiculous scenes though is that he is depicted as a young man in this film and as a result is prone to doing things that seem a little childish.

Not all of the scenes in this list were needed, but some of them were amusing.


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