Five Movies You Never Realized Susie Essman Was In

Five Movies You Never Realized Susie Essman Was In

Susie Essman is a popular actress and stand-up comedian. She’s muti-talented and has also been involved in her share of writing and producing, but she is best known as Susie Green of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” The popular series has been running for seventeen years and Susie has become a familiar face to fans. Although this is the role that made her popularity soar, she has actually acted in several popular films. Here are five movies that you never realized Susie Essman was in.

“Putzel” (2012)

Essman appeared in the role of Gilda in the romantic comedy fro 2012. it’s the story of Walter Himmelstein’s “Putzel,” a young man whose life revolves around his family fish store that is located on Manhattan’s upper west side. Walter has the dream of one day taking over the fish store until Sally arrives and dashes his dreams against the rocks. He tries to disrupt their romance so Sally won’t inherit the fish store. The guy is constantly undermined by family and friends and in a heartwarming twist, he comes to realize that he is much more than just a “Putzel.”

“Keeping the Faith” (2000)

Susie appears in “Keeping the Faith” as Ellen Friedman in this romantic comedy drama about two friends who fall in love with the same woman. The humor in this film is side splitting as the two men become a priest and a rabbi. Both faiths deny them the luxury of a romance, but each falls head over heels for a girl that they knew since they were boys.

“Loving Leah” (2009)

Susie was cast in the role of Malka in the film “Loving Leah.” The movie is a romantic drama that centers around a woman who is widowed at the age of 26. The love story is a bit on the quirky side because it heavily involves the brother of her late husband. He is a 30 year old and very handsome cardiologist. It’s tough to be widowed at such an early age. The romance is a bit on the awkward side.

“The Secret Lives of Dentists” (2002)

Essman plays the minor role of a nurse in “The Secret Lives of Dentists.” This film tells the story of a dentist who suspects that his wife is being unfaithful. This causes him a great deal of mental stress, to the point of affecting his general well-being and upsetting his family life. The man is brought to the breaking point.

“Bolt” (2008)

Although she received full credit for her part in this adventure, comedy animation, it’s difficult to put a face with the voice. Susie Essman was the voice of Mittens for this popular animation. She joins John Travolta as the voice of Bolt, along with Miley Cyrus as the voice of Penny, Mark Walton as the voice of Rhino, and Malcolm McDowell as the voice of Dr. Calico. The film tells the story of a canine star of a sci-fi/fiction/action show. he believes that the powers he has on the show translate into real life. He takes a trek cross country to save his co-star from the danger that he also believes to be real.

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