The Boys: “The Instant White-Hot Wild” Recap

The Boys: “The Instant White-Hot Wild” Recap

The Boys: “The Instant White-Hot Wild” Recap

The Boys season 3 finale was definitely something worth watching, but one has to mention the fact that it was, well, kind of menacing at the end, not to mention that it felt like a very heavy, weighted ending that might come back to haunt the audience in season 4. If you haven’t seen the episode then go see it now or keep reading if you want spoilers, since holding this in isn’t bound to happen. But one thing to note is that there are a few things that happened that might have been expected, which is kind of unusual for this show. But there are still plenty of things that happened that were kind of a shock, such as Ashley revealing that she was wearing a wig to hide the fact that she’d been habitually ripping her hair out. Amazingly enough, she’s probably the most troubled of all the characters on this show since her anxiety must reach the stratosphere at this point. But when speaking of the supes, one can’t help but think that things couldn’t have gone any other way, and the audience loves it no matter what they say. 

A death or two was to be expected in this episode since it’s the type of situation in which not everyone was bound to make their way onward after everything was said and done. But to say that the death of Black Noir, if he is really dead, was something that a lot of people might not have seen coming. To survive everything he’s been through and then get his guts ripped out, literally, by Homelander feels like a giant middle finger to Noir and even the fans, but in this case, the fans are bound to bounce back a little quicker than usual. For one reason or another, Noir is the type of character that feels like a badass but wasn’t bound to last forever. 

As far as the final showdown with Soldier Boy, it feels as though it might have been bunched up to bring season 4 into line for a bigger, perhaps more pronounced fight since the pairing of Butcher and Homelander was, even temporarily, kind of epic as they fought against Soldier Boy after he struck Homelander’s son. The relationship between Homelander and Soldier Boy is obviously not as warm and comforting as anyone thought it might be, right? Oh, that’s right, no one thought it would be in the first place, so we’re good. But this level of animosity is something that appears to be ingrained in both men, and as they showed it’s a volatile feeling that could very easily kill many people within the given vicinity if the two men get their way. Seeing Homelander in a slightly weakened state though, at least from an emotional standpoint, was different without question since being exposed to Soldier Boy’s brand of fatherhood was something that the caped supe wasn’t expecting. But the question still remains at this time: who would win, Homelander or Soldier Boy? It feels as though this question might not get answered since, despite his explosive exit, Soldier Boy is now being locked away again while Maeve, who was also believed to have been killed in the blast, is going to disappear with her girlfriend. 

What season 4 is going to bring is going to be a subject of discussion for a while to come since there are a few things to talk about already, such as the idea that Soldier Boy might get rolled out to play again if the threat is good enough. It might take a good deal of reprogramming to make that work though, and it’s also fair to think that Homelander, who’s essentially in charge of Vought at the moment, might not be thrilled at such a prospect. Then there’s the idea of what might happen if Homelander ever learns about Maeve. There are already a lot of moving pieces in motion that will be crucial to season 4, and it’s fair to think that Homelander’s son, Ryan, is already on a bad path when it comes to following in his father’s footsteps. Granted, Homelander did go back to see his kid, but the fact that he’s unstable enough to kill someone for assaulting his son (I don’t condone it but damn) makes it clear that he’s not a great parent. Plus, the smirk that Ryan gave after this means that he’s already leaning toward thoughts of superiority. 

Butcher’s condition is bound to make the next season even more interesting, as is the fact that the rest of the team is done taking his crap and have found their voices. With Annie and Hughie back together and Kimiko back in possession of her powers, it’s easy to think that the next season is going to get even bloodier as the gang will likely be united in a way they never were before. Hell’s already broken loose, now we get to see the aftermath. 


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