Five Movie Characters We Hated Most in 2017

Five Movie Characters We Hated Most in 2017

People hate certain characters for different reasons. In 2017 some of the characters that people hated most were those that scared them, annoyed them, or possibly just didn’t make a lot of sense for the film they starred in. It has little if anything to do with the actor, as they could have been putting for the best performance ever. But something about the characters on this list really drove people nuts and caused them to either turn their back on them or really announce that they hated them and loved doing it. That might sound a little strange but you can hate a character so much that you just love the act of hating on them. It becomes an obsession at times and a fun practice that a lot of people have gotten in on.

2017 was filled with characters to hate.

5. The Vulture-Spider-man: Homecoming

It was a different take on the Vulture to be certain. He still had the ruffles at his throat as it was a well-designed coat meant to take the chill off, but it wasn’t quite right. Michael Keaton is awesome, but this role wasn’t quite what he should have accepted since it really seemed like a hurried thing and not a role that was well-thought out. That’s about all I’ve got, it just didn’t feel right.

4. Pennywise-IT

Pennywise is someone that people love to hate in equal measures since he’s just a creepy character now like he was back when Tim Curry was behind the face paint. There’s something so inherently WRONG about the character that people feel the immediate need to turn away. And yet we turn back just as quickly because we understand that turning your back on a being like this isn’t wise.

3. Kylo Ren-Star Wars: The Last Jedi

The first temper tantrum he threw in The Force Awakens was the first sign that he wasn’t quite up to the same level as Darth Vader and couldn’t really be called a Sith lord at all. In fact it seems like Disney is intent on doing away with the titles of Sith and Jedi and going down a different route, which could mean a very big overhaul for Star Wars. Kylo Ren is now the big bad, which could mean trouble for the Resistance as well as the First Order.

2. Veronica-Mother!

It depends on who you ask about this film but it was said to be nothing special and in fact Jennifer Lawrence was said to be one of the biggest detractors by some. She’s not a bad actor but the fact remains that a lot of opinion when it comes to this movie is pointed at her and her alone. The fact that nothing that she or Javier Bardem did could bring this movie up to respectable box office numbers says a lot.

1. David-Alien: Covenant

He’s not just a mass murderer, but he’s a maniac as well. This guy makes Ashe from Alien look like a cuddly old robot that’s inherently reasonable. And what’s worse, those films are still a continuation of this one, if you go by the timeline.

There are plenty of characters to hate, but these were a few of the most notable.

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