Did You Know “She’s All That” Was Ghost Written by M. Night Shyamalan

There’s some debate about the fact that She’s All That was penned by M. Nigh Shyamalan acting as a ghost writer. Just in case you don’t know what a ghost writer is, this is someone that writes something, anything, and doesn’t get the credit for since they’re writing it for someone else that is going to put it under their name. In some ways you could almost say that the famed ‘writer’ James Patterson, uses ghost writers, but those individuals actually get their names on the books and do receive some mention. It’s simply that Patterson is the name that actually sells the book. So, in essence, ghost writers do the work but tend to receive payment in lieu of credit.

It’s a hard way to work sometimes if you really want your material to be known under your name but it’s a job and more importantly it’s a chance to hone your skills and enjoy what you’re doing. The issue with She’s All That, when it comes to the script, is that there was a debate on who really contributed the most and what Shymalan actually did. Shymalan claimed the he ghost wrote the script instead of just polishing it as he was asked to do. This could have only happened, and been approved, if the script had been that horrible and really needed a rewrite. Of course with that kind of thing be so subjective it stands to reason that Shymalan might have fully believed he was doing the right thing when in truth he could have been overstepping his bounds just a bit. It was revealed however that Shymalan’s work on the script was what got it the nod to go ahead so it’s possible that he did the right thing.

Ghost writing is something that, to me personally, is kind of a hit and miss type of writing. It’s not bad, but it’s not always good either. If you want your name to be known and to receive the credit for what you do then ghost writing is not something that you should aspire to. If you just want to get paid for writing and don’t care about credit then by all means hop on in and start plying your words for those that want to use them. In truth it all depends on what you’re writing and whether or not you really care to get the credit for it. M. Nigh Shymalan has done so many scripts and movies in his time at this point that I’m betting that many people might not believe that he had anything to do with She’s All That since it doesn’t seem like a movie he’d be involved with.

The movie itself won about eight awards despite being just about torn apart by critics. The coming of age story wasn’t particularly hard to figure out and didn’t offer a lot of challenges, but it was amusing enough and fun for what it was. It was perfect for the time period in which it was released.

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