Five Life Lessons the Show “Swamp People” Teaches Us

Five Life Lessons the Show “Swamp People” Teaches Us

Five Life Lessons the Show “Swamp People” Teaches Us

The reality television series “Swamp People” is a docu-series. It’s an ongoing narrative of what life in the swamp is really like. It gives viewers a taste of the culture of the people who call it their home. They make their living in the swamp and gather food as well as other resources. There are some aspects of the show that may not be suitable for young viewers, but there are many life lessons that we can take away from the show. Here are the top five.

People are survivors

The show documents the life of people who live in the Southern Louisiana swampland. While many of us who are not accustomed to the dangers and benefits of the swamp would be in real trouble if we attempted to survive there. The people who have grown up in this land are aware of their surroundings, the dangers and how to avoid them. For example, the fishermen who are in the spotlight are in a dangerous line of work, but they take precautions to avoid making lethal mistakes. The people who call the swamp their home are survivors who know how to fit into an inhospitable environment and make it comfortable.

We learn about Cajun culture

The alligator hunters/fishermen and their families are spotlighted on the show. The Landrys, the Molineres, the Edgars and others depend on their families for moral support. It’s interesting to hear them interact with one another. It gives viewers a slice of Cajun culture as we pick up new phrases from their unique dialect and colloquialism. They do talk differently than a person from another part of the country. The show also gives us a peek at their living environments as well as the different foods that are prepared in this region. There is a strong sense of culture and pride in the heritage of the people who live in the swamp.

Respect for the environment

The show also teaches us the importance of having respect for the environment. The hunters are not shy about letting viewers know what they think about people who leave behind garbage or any other kind of pollution in the swamp. The language can get a little rough at times, but the hunters get their point across. They do encourage everyone to do their part to keep the swamp in its natural state, and they try to leave the smallest possible evidence of their intrusion into the deeper swamp lands in their hunt for alligator.

Hunting alligators is sometimes necessary to save lives

While there are some people who believe so strongly in animal rights, that they cannot stand the thought of Alligators being hunted, there are times when it is a necessity. In the “Big Head Bites It” episode, Troy Landry dispatches to hunt the monster alligator that he has been hunting for years. The gator is posing a dangerous threat to the local swimming holes and the safety of the community is being jeopardized. We learn that some animals are a danger to people, and when they invade the community, the threat must be neutralized and removed for the sake of the people living there.

Sometimes you have to take a gamble and hope it pays off

We learn this from Troy Landry. He’s not been doing so great in finding gators, so he must find a new place to hunt to sustain his way of life. It’s not cheap to secure hunting rights, but he doesn’t have much choice. He is forced to take the risk and lay down the cash, hoping that the rights that he is securing will pay off in a hunting ground that is full of legal gators.

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