Swamp People’s Troy Landry Lives a Luxe Life At Home

troy landry home

Troy Landry, one of the stars of History Channel’s Swamp People, does not come across as the type of man who loves the finer things in life when you watch him hunting alligators in the Louisiana Bayou, but he is living the good life. When he is not filming Swamp People, Landry – a devoted husband, father, and grandfather – and his wife, Bernita, a schoolteacher, and History Channel publicist, enjoy a lot of family time together. They have been married since 1981 and share a passion for alligator hunting.

With just 30 days each year set aside to bag and tag as many alligators as possible in the Atchafalaya river basin swamp, Troy Landry ensures he makes the most of the remaining parts of the year, living a life that most people would only dream of. He and his wife own a massive home close to the water, where he has ample space to play around with his grandkids and work out whenever needed. He also does some fishing on his boat, catching and selling crawfish.

The Cypress House

troy landry home

Located in Pierre Part, Louisiana, the home where Troy Landry and his wife live was built as a labor of true love. For three decades, the couple lived in a trailer, saved their money, and pulled every piece of cypress wood Landry could find from nearby swamps. According to Landry, he was able to get the cypress by carefully storing each log he pulled out of the swamps in a big shed until he had enough of it to be used for construction. Troy’s massive home is built completely out of cypress and without a single piece of sheetrock.

It’s A Real Dream Home

troy landry back patio

If there is one thing Troy Landry loves, it’s entertaining their family and being outdoors. They ensured they had plenty of space outside their home to include an al fresco kitchen, perfect for cooking amazing meals to share with their families. When he is not selling it, Landry also boils a large amount of crawfish for the family’s consumption.

The Water Is Everything

troy landry view

It doesn’t matter that Troy Landry spends all his time on a boat catching alligators, fish, and everything in between. He loves the water and knew he would one day build a home on the water to enjoy the gorgeous views Louisiana is so famous for having. The luxurious home, which covers an area of 3 acres, is situated on the banks of Pierre Part Bayou, providing a stunning picturesque view. When asked if they encounter alligators on their porch, Troy quipped, “Sure, we see them in the bayou, and sometimes they like to come in the yard and sun themselves. We don’t mind if they keep their distance.”

It’s A Big House

troy landry house

Troy Landry may not seem like the type of man who lives in a large house with a very spacious family room measuring 30×34 feet, but that is exactly who he is. He is a simple man who loves his unassuming life as an alligator hunter, but this does not make him immune to the comforts of living in a luxury house with interesting features. The ceiling is made out of tongue-and-groove pine. The home also features a 12-foot cypress dining table in the family room, built by Troy. Vintage and antique mirrors can be seen in the bathrooms, while the beds are decorated with chenille bedspreads.

Simple And Rustic Is The Theme

troy landry bedroom

If the Landry’s had to choose a theme for their house, it would be simple and rustic. They don’t like anything flashy or over-the-top save for their gorgeous water view and a whole lot of cypress. Their vintage furniture has been passed down through the generations, and Troy Landry‘s homestead is filled with collectibles from thrift shops.

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