Five Life Lessons the Show Moonshiners Teaches Us

Moonshiners is a show that features more scenes about reality and crimes than most shows do.   Beginning in 2011,  its storyline is based around a group that lives in Appalachia which has been following a 200-year-old tradition that includes making moonshine. This tradition is passed down from one generation to another, so they also inherited it from their forefathers. It helps to take viewers to the past when backwoods and bootleggers were the thing. One of the central characters in the show that you might have loved is Tim. With the plot leaning in the past, there are also some lessons that can be borrowed and applied in today’s life. Here are top life lessons from the show Moonshiners that you can embrace.

Be there when needed

When someone who needs your support calls, always avail yourself. It does not matter whether you are a moonshiner or just someone who is involved in a profession that is illegal, if your boss makes a call, you need to respond accordingly. Tickle is always available when he is needed and offers the needed support, and this in effect earns him some points due to the loyalty he has exhibited before his master.

Don’t chase what you can’t have

You might have had the urge to get something only to realize it is beyond your capacity to have it. In Moonshiners, moonshiners are seen to want illegal alcohol and those who are caught see themselves jailed for the offense. It demonstrates they are greedy about getting the alcohol without considering they are not supposed to have it in the first place. If you are after something you are clearly not able to get, you might land yourself into trouble, so the best thing is to keep off such substances.

You don’t own all the problems

Jesse is an ABC agent who gets caught up in a bust of a nip joint, and when a drug bust is pursued, he is forced to drop everything to protect himself. Although these are problems that moonshiners are known to encounter, he is also caught in the confusion. That is to say anyone can get problems and there is no person who can say he owns certain problems. It is a matter of understanding how to avoid these issues as is demonstrated when those who fail to follow the law in moonshiners are caught up in challenges.

Greed is a killer

You might have heard Gordon Gekko say that greed is good, but that’s nothing close to the truth that you need to understand. In Moonshiners, specifically Season 1 and Episode 5, you will see that Tim decides to have another shed put on to his house and although things seem well at first, when the autumn season begins and leaves fall, a bad accident results from the weight. If he did not do that, he would not have fallen into the trouble of having to build all over again.

Show respect to others

Respect is a key lesson in life that everyone should embrace. The boys in the Moonshiners show are always following what their elders direct them to do. Mark and Digger take their time to display respect by remembering moonshiners who lived in the past. They even use leftover pieces of copper to inscribe messages of honor for these moonshiners.

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