Five Lessons from La La Land That Teach Us About Love and Career

Five Lessons from La La Land That Teach Us About Love and Career

If there is a separation of church and state, there is also a fine line between love and career. The decision to pursue a certain career path or to give it all up in the name of love is never an easy choice to make. The musical romantic comedy-drama film, La La Land, was able to capture and explore this premise in the most heartwarming and bittersweet way. Seb Wilder, portrayed by Ryan Gosling (Drive) is a jazz pianist with a dream of owning his own jazz club, while Mia Dolan, portrayed by Emma Stone (Cruella), is an aspiring actress who is dreaming of making her mark in Hollywood. The two met at a time in their lives where they were steadfast on pursuing their dreams and ambitions. They fell in love during this beautiful moment in their lives, right until they are faced with the harsh reality of deciding which aspect of their lives they need to prioritize. Here are five lessons from La La Landthat teach us about love and career:

5. Having a supportive significant other makes all the difference

If there is one thing the film has taught us, it is the importance of finding a better half who shares the same mindset as you. This support system is vital to a person’s overall growth, and being able to share it with someone special makes it even sweeter. Seb and Mia were goal-oriented individuals who understood the hustle that achieving success required. The film traversed their unique relationship that showed audiences what it meant to be supportive of your partner’s career path. Their relationship may have encountered roadblocks along the way, but the film ended with each of them looking out for the other, and having their best interest at heart.

4. Life is not always what it seems

We’ve heard our fair share of quotes and saying about how life can be cruel and unfair. At the end of the day, each of us are dealt with our own set of cards, and it is up to us on how to manage whatever curveballs life throws our way. There are a lot of factors we cannot control, but one thing we can hold power over is how we react to certain situations. Seb and Mia (spoiler alert!) may not have had their romantic happy ending, but they were both able to thrive in their respective careers. It was a tough choice to make, but one that proved to be most beneficial for their careers. They were able to find happiness in the paths they pursued, while keeping the precious time they spent together a sacred memory. As the old saying goes, “If you love someone, set them free; if they come back to you, it was meant to be.”

3. Don’t be afraid to dream big

Achieving a dream would not be possible without having concrete goals in action. Seb and Mia knew what they wanted in life, and were tenacious in grabbing every window of opportunity. Life is what you make it, and two characters in the film were not scared of venturing out of their comfort zone. This is one of the many reasons why the film is highly-acclaimed and worthy of all the praises. It serves as an inspiration to audience members to reach for the stars, and to not limit yourself from dreaming big as long as you put in all the hard work and effort. Be realistic in setting your goals, but do not limit yourself to dream big and aim for the stars. Opportunity only knocks once, and luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

2. A life worth living is one without regrets

Acceptance is a key to happiness. Things may not always go your way, but having a positive disposition will get you through whatever hurdle you encounter. Seb and Mia were faced with setbacks in both their career and romantic lives. They had to experience failure and rejection one too many times, but they did not let these experiences bring their spirits down. This go-getter attitude worked to their benefit, as they pursued their own paths in life. Hearts may have been broken along the way, but the lessons learned are there to last a lifetime. Seb and Mia are proof that soulmates don’t always end up together. Even though they were brought apart by circumstances and major life decisions, they accepted their fate and moved on the best way they knew how. Wallowing in regret and “what ifs” will do nothing good for you. Stand by your decisions, and see the good in every situation.

1. Nothing worth it ever comes easy

We learn how to appreciate what we have when we know how hard it took to earn it. The film shows us that the hardest decisions often lead to beautiful outcomes. Seb and Mia chose different paths, which brought them apart physically, but also completed them intrinsically. Hard decisions were made, but we see the two characters contented with the choices they made. Pain and heartache were unavoidable, but sometimes a person needs to go through these in order to come out better and stronger versions of themselves. The same can be said for Seb and Mia who learned to smile through the pain, and see the beauty in struggle.

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