Five Hilarious Aerobics Workout Scenes in Movies

Five Hilarious Aerobics Workout Scenes in Movies

It’s kind of hard to look good doing aerobics unless you’re just that gifted and can look that good doing anything. In the movies it’s usually a great time for a bit of comedy to spice up an otherwise serious or even dull movie. Adding a comical aerobics moment into a film can bring a bit of needed hilarity to the situation and keep interest when the audience seems about to either give up or just go to sleep in the middle of the film. Plus, for some films it adds in the incentive for some people to actually keep watching.

Here are a few examples of how adding in an aerobics moment can add some hilarity to the movie.

5. Grown Ups 2

So yes, this is more of an adolescent and perverted male fantasy than anything, but it does add a humorous moment to the film, no matter the fact that it is quite sexist. It’s a guarantee that every aerobics class is not filled to the brim with women that are so physically fit that they’re bound to bounce and move in all the desired places. Credit Sandler for beating a joke to death as he always does.

4. Bad Moms


Have you ever tried to fit an aerobics class of any type into your busy schedule? You’d think that Mila Kunis was playing a single mom from the start of the movie all the way through. However she starts off as a married woman with two kids and she does EVERYTHING. Being that bad at a Zumba class is nothing to be ashamed of if you’re juggling that many other things in your life.

3. The Nutty Professor

Let’s be honest now. Being heavy and doing aerobics is a little difficult sometimes. The added weight that you have to shift around makes it that much harder even if the desire to lose weight and shape your body is strong enough to make you continue. Plus, if you stick to it and show enough discipline to drop the weight then it’s a great feeling once you reach the point that it becomes easy.

2. Leon: The Professional

For such a serious movie this was a very light moment in which you get to see Matilda’s older stepsister doing the kind of aerobics that could possibly help her stay in shape, but still looked awfully suggestive. Have you ever seen these types of exercise in which the movements seem to offer themselves up for hilarity just because of the motions that a body is forced to undergo? It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a dirty mind if you think of it, honest.

1. The Best of Times

In a sport where you’re tackling other guys at full speed and fending them away a hip thrust isn’t thought to be the most ingenious of moves to practice. This means that aerobics might benefit your cardiovascular health but it certainly isn’t the type of exercise you’ll see most football players performing. Strength, speed, and endurance are a little more important. Flexibility is still key but this type of exercise isn’t a part of the typical regimen.

Now be honest, how hard did you laugh at some of these?

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