Buffalo Bill’s Silence of the Lambs House Is Now a Bed & Breakfast

Would you be able to sleep in a home knowing that it was used for a horror movie? A lot of people would probably cringe first and ask questions second, but horror buffs would likely give an emphatic ‘Hell yeah!’ before packing their bags and booking a stay. Considering that Buffalo Bill’s home from Silence of the Lambs has been turned into a bed and breakfast it’s easy to think that a lot of people in the Pennsylvania area that might enjoy a good scare would be headed towards this location if they get the urge. They might be disappointed to learn that it’s not going to be nearly as grungy as the home was in the movie, but it does sound as though the owner, who is also a horror buff, is more than willing to give tours and will probably be setting things up to give eager fans the look they want. As anyone should be able to guess, there is no well in the basement of the home since this part of the movie was shot elsewhere, but it does sound as though the owner is thinking of putting this feature in at some point, as this was what was said via MovieWeb:

“As an avid Silence of the Lambs and Buffalo Bill fan, and with my knowledge of the industry, I have big plans to turn it into a ‘cinematic destination’ complete with the ability to stay, and to conduct tours of the residence for all of the fans. I also have a vision that includes having the ‘well’ and ‘Buffalo Bill’s workshop’ recreated and built on-site as permanent sets, so fans may have the most unique photo opportunities during their visit with mementos that will last them a lifetime!”

It sounds as though the owner is excited to make this happen and it’s bound to happen that fans will share in that excitement since there are plenty of individuals that still love The Silence of the Lambs and despite the fact that Buffalo Bill was kind of drowned out by Clarice and Hannibal Lecter it’s easy to think that a lot of people still have some regard for him since he was the main villain of the movie. It is kind of amusing that he was pushed aside so easily by a stunning performance from Anthony Hopkins since if anyone is asked about their greatest memory of this movie it’s bound to be something to do with Hannibal Lecter since he was such a haunting character. Buffalo Bill was by far one of the most unsettling villains of all time, but somehow he got demoted to a second-class villain in a movie where he was supposed to be the big deal. His home though, or the house that was made to be his home, was all kinds of disturbing in the movie since from front to back it looked like a regular home, but once inside it was obvious that things might not have been right.

One can easily guess that it’s going to be kept largely as-is for the experience, though it’s possible that the owner might be able to spruce up a few things and update here and there to add to the appeal for those that want to stay the night since to be fair, there wouldn’t be a lot of people that would want to stay if the home was anything less than comfortable. Well, some might, but that’s another matter really. But as far as the basement goes it does sound as though the owner is going to try to recreate the scene from the movie as much as possible, but when it comes to the well it feels fair to say that safety regulations are going to have to be met and he’ll have to get a bit creative without getting dangerous since the well would be kind of risky all on its own. But there are so many ways to recreate the scene, even being as close to authentic as possible, and it does sound as though the owner knows a few tricks and how to make things happen, so it’s fair to think that he’ll end up creating an experience that many eager fans won’t likely forget.

The appeal of staying in a home that was featured in a movie is something that can’t really be discounted since it’s the dream of many fans and something that is pretty high on the list of things to do before they die. While some homes don’t offer the experience of a bed and breakfast, there are plenty of movie homes that have been visited so often that the homeowners have either gotten used to the attention, or they’ve requested that people just leave them alone finally. But with this home, it sounds like the owner is ready and willing for that attention.

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