The Five Best Christina Ricci Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Christina Ricci Movies of Her Career

The Five Best Christina Ricci Movies of Her Career

Christina Ricci has always been a little bit ambitious but even she admits there have been times when it’s caused her to do things that might have been ill-advised when it came to getting ahead. For a good portion of her career however it’s been seen that she can get by on talent and skill alone since she is one of the better actresses out there when she’s given a chance to show as much in a movie that’s bound to get good reviews. She’s played alongside some of the best actors in the business and has held her own and even come to dominate with a few roles since she’s taken the reins so to speak and done a great job as the lead. Her supporting roles have been just as good throughout the years, but there have been films here and there in which people might have been wondering what she was thinking.

Here are some of her best films thus far.

5. The Gathering

For those of you looking at this and saying “huh?” don’t worry, I’ll explain. The Gathering is one of the many lesser known films that Christina has done and it’s great since it tackles a subject that some films tend to shy away from and others just butcher needlessly. The Gathering are a group of onlookers that after stopping to watch Jesus being nailed to the cross are cursed throughout eternity to watch horrific events take place. Eventually they stop just watching and start making things happen, but Cassie, played by Ricci, decides to finally do something about their latest venture and as a result finally gains peace as she was one of the original group.

4. Sleepy Hollow

Tim Burton takes a much darker look on the legend of Sleepy Hollow and Ichabod Crane, injecting a very large dose of witchcraft into the mix as he creates a very detailed story surrounding the Headless Horseman and Ichabod Crane. The story is one that might haunt the dreams of those that watch it but it’s also something rather clever since it limits the power of the Horseman in a way while at the same time keeping him insanely dangerous to those that he’s set against. The fact that the Horseman and Ichabod meet is a great part of the movie as they do fight a couple of times, but only because Ichabod has a tough time just staying out of the way.

3. Prozac Nation

It’s amazing the difference between life before college and once college has started. I can’t say after since Lizzie is still shown to be attending Harvard throughout the movie and finding out just how hard things really are when you have no safety net and no one to care about you once you start alienating people. All the skill in the world and all the medication you can swallow won’t do anything to numb the reality that comes crashing in on a person on a daily basis, like waves breaking against weather-beaten rock, just waiting to find a soft spot to target and break away with each onrushing wave.

2. Black Snake Moan

Rae and Lazarus seem like total opposites since he’s a church-going man that has deeply set principles and she’s known around town as the loosest woman in the county. But when Lazarus finds Rae beaten and bloodied and left on the side of the road he can’t help but try to take care of her, only to freak her out when he tries to set her right. It’s a hard lesson for both of them to learn, but when he finally releases her Rae has come to understand why he’s done such a thing and also comes to value his kindness as well as the lesson he’s taught her. Eventually they both realize that the healing was something they both needed.

1. The Addams Family

It might seem like blasphemy to those of us that remember the original show, but Christina simply IS Wednesday Addams, without equal and without anything else to be said. The dark, unforgiving demeanor, the stare that could level just about anyone, and the cold and aloof manner that she affects is something that no other actress in this role has ever been able to emulate since she laid it down. Wednesday is of course just a child but all the same she’s a child that knows far too much about he world and is also the type that you’d actually have to worry about if you weren’t family. That being said she’s one of the most fun aspects of the family as well as one of those that you simply know would carry on Addams traditions when she got older.

Christina is by far and large one of the more refined actresses in show business.

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