Five Great Scenes From What We Do In The Shadows (Season One)

Five Great Scenes From What We Do In The Shadows (Season One)

Five Great Scenes From What We Do In The Shadows (Season One)

Originally a 2014 feature-length movie by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, this hilarious spin-off follows on the misadventures of three vampire roommates in New York City. What We Do In The Shadows is a surprisingly hilarious take on modern-day vampires and there are plenty of standout moments within the series. However, the real question is, which scenes are the best? We’ll examine five scenes from each season that standout from the rest, starting with the first season.

Colin Robinson breaks up with Evie (Werewolf Feud)

So, our favorite energy vampire has a girlfriend. It appeared that Evie would be direct competition for Mr. Robinson early in the episode and their little vampire face-off was quite fun, but their eventual break-up was one of the best moments throughout season one. While it sucks that the show dropped the Evie/Robinson romance so quickly, it was fun seeing Colin challenged in different ways due to his relationship with Evie. Robinson is often the outcast within his community so him getting more of a focus in this episode was a nice little treat. However, Vanessa Bayer was a joy to watch, and her victim act was downright hilarious. The fact that she had no emotions over there break-up was fun, but her continuously tricking Colin to come back to her was a riot.

Nandor calls Guillermo his friend (Manhattan Night Club)

Guillermo and Nandor have an interesting relationship. Throughout season one, it’s clear that Nandor appreciates his familiar, but he doesn’t particularly view Guillermo as his friend, and the running gag of Guillermo not getting turned into a vampire continues to be great. However, Manhattan Night Club is the first time that Nandor has showcased that these two are friends. Sure, the vampire accidentally drops him as they’re having a magically flying moment, but it’s the hospital scene that’s truly golden here. Thankfully, Guillermo is fine, though definitely in bad shape. Nandor actually calls Guillermo his friend, though the young man is sleeping. The response to this statement was hilarious, with Nadja disapproving and Nandor taking back his statement quickly in two unforgettably funny moments. Despite the quirky and often dark premise, What We Do In The Shadows has done an excellent job in crafting their characters, and the dynamic between them works off greatly with moments like these.

Guillermo accidentally kills The Baron (Baron’s Night Out)

The Baron is alive! And the old vampire without genitals was out on the town with our favorite anti-heroes having a good time and sucking all the blood that he wants. It’s been teased that the gang were going to kill the Baron; however, when the vampires have a laugh about murdering each other, all the tension is dropped as the situation had seemingly been solved. The scene with the vampires going through their house drunk out of their mind was funny, but Guillermo pulling the rug from under us by accidentally killing the Baron was a truly shocking and important moment. Later on, Guillermo would ultimately become a badass vampire hunter and this scene was the pivotal moment that started his accidental vampire slaying journey.

International Vampire Tribunal (The Trial)

The Baron is dead! And Nadja, Lazlo, and Nandor are the prime suspects. Naturally, these three needed to be punished for a crime that they didn’t commit so the vampire trial was set! It’s not just the big-name cameos such as Dave Bautista, Danny Trejo, Paul Reuben, Evan Rachel Wood, Tilda Swinton, and Wesley Snipes that makes this such a memorable segment, but The Trial manages to make each of their guest member’s shine with distinct personalities and the one-liners were non-stop hilarious. The gang dismissing Guillermo as the true vampire killer was fun, and so was the on-going about Wesley’s troubles with skype. It was also fun seeing the original vampires from the What We Do In The Shadows feature. The whole scene exemplified why the series is such a wonderful piece of programming: it was weird, very inspired, and downright hilarious.

Jenna kills her first victim (Citizenship)

It’s a shame that the Jenna B-plot doesn’t go further than season one, but the moments were fun while it lasted. Naturally, Jenna was freaking out and the hilarious montage early cemented the college students on-going transformation. While we never got that moment of Jenna tearing her friend to sheds, it was equality rewarding to see her and Nadja’s mentor/student dynamic. From the on-going gag about Nadja’s control over a fraternity guy, to the response of Jenna discovering her invisibly power, this episode was packed with clever writing, but Jenna officially killing her first victim was great. It was awkward, weird, and of course funny, with the best moment of Jenna collecting the guy’s blood inside of a container.What We Do In The Shadows

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