Workaholics 4.09 Review: “Best Buds”

Workaholics 4.09 Review: “Best Buds”


Workaholics has been off to such a great start this season; putting together some really great episodes that had a good story arc and funny writing filled with one liners and solid chemistry between the guys. “Brociopath,” “We Be Clownin’” and “Beer Heist,” were hilarious, creative and well-written, but last night’s, “Best Buds,” broke the cycle. Like always, the episode had its moments that made me chuckle and started out with a plot full of potential when Karl announces he is going to open up a Medicinal Cannabis and Burrito restaurant–yet, gets quickly boring when the episode turns into a 2v2 power struggle between Karl and Ders vs. Adam and Blake. The episode just felt like it had no depth compared to the previous ones in this season and lacked the normal Workaholics authenticity.

The main plot forms around Karl’s decision to take claim of his squatter’s rights and open up a medical marijuana dispensary and Mexican burrito restaurant in the abandoned storefront he’s been using as a home for the past three plus months. I thought this was a good opener that had plenty of plot potential to have them create a goal that they nearly reach only to come crashing back to where they started.  He supplies the guys with their own medical cards so they can obtain and smoke weed in a more legal fashion and also help him with the business. They decide to quit TelAmeriCorp by lighting up at work and making a big and flashy exit which was amusing. The intro was well-done and sets them up once again abandoning everything to go for it.

Ders weasels his way in with Karl as a co-owner because he can handle the business side of things (filling out 8 forms) which creates the divide when they demote Adam and Blake to being just cooks.  After decorating with some cardboard signs for the store and their catchy, burweedo, people start flooding in, but Adam and Blake get too messed up on the job and don’t make any of the orders. Karl and Ders force Blake and Adam into mascot duty out front in burrito and taco costumes. After some more ridiculous smoking antics that almost get them hit by traffic and set on fire, a rollerblading girl runs into them and gets hurt, which pushes Ders and Karl to threaten Blake and Adam with termination unless they get serious. I thought it was just boring and typical to watch Ders pretend to be so corporate when given the opportunity to put Blake and Adam down by acting the smartest.

Ders and Karl just end up pushing Adam and Blake to their limits; the food critic shows up and is cooked up two skunk road kill burritos, one with fresh maggots, which Karl and Ders both end up eating instead of the critic in any attempt that it might save their business from failure. However, rather than even attempting to fake a third burrito, Adam and Blake just drop what’s left of the road kill onto the table and destroying the hopes and dreams of “Best Buds” forever.  In the end, Karl realizes that he has become too much like Ders (dressing exactly like him) and that he should just return to his normal street life. Like any normal Workaholics episode, this puts the guys back where they started; but this time they have to beg Alice for their jobs back (which she gives them).

I guess last night’s episode just rubbed me the wrong way, but I felt that the plot was the most undeveloped and basic of the season so far that didn’t have any great one liners. When Workaholics is in sync you get some of the funniest T.V. episodes out there, but when it’s off, things just don’t seem to mesh or rise to their full potential.  “Best Buds”  just felt like a deflating balloon, but I’m sure they will bounce back no problem!

My Moments of the Night:

–          The guys medical cards; Blake has trouble sleeping, Ders has migraines, and Adams has… AIDS?

–          “You guys stay here, you might as well join the Taliban,” Ders talking about TelAmeriCorp when they quit was really funny.

What did everyone think of last night’s Workaholics episode? Did you think it was funny? Let me know why below!

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