Five Great Movie Endings That Didn’t Solve Anything

Five Great Movie Endings That Didn’t Solve Anything

Five Great Movie Endings That Didn’t Solve Anything

Movies aren’t always meant to be resolved obviously, since it would appear that some directors really don’t care to button or sew everything up and toss a bow on it. They’d rather let the audience use their imagination and wonder at what might happen next as the credits begin to roll. A lot of times movies that don’t solve anything by the time they’re over leave the audience a bit stunned since the usual formula is to finish the movie from front to back and make certain that it makes sense to those that are watching. In the event that such a movie is made a lot of people might immediately react by wondering just what in the hell they watched and why the director would do something so sneaky. Others might actually decide that it’s a provocative move and that it’s actually kind of interesting since it begs the question of what really did come next. This kind of leaves it up to the viewer to determine what might have happened to the characters and what kind of situation they had in store for them next, even if it does sound like a bit of lazy storytelling by some writers. It’s hard to say that it’s not since it’s a seriously easy thing to do, building up a story before just dropping it in the lap of the viewer so they can figure it out.

Here are a few movies where nothing was really solved by the end.

5. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Any movie that features a family member trying to get justice for another after their family member has been raped and murdered leaves the audience hoping that they’ll see some sense of justice dished out since that appears to be the only way to make it right. A lot of people would argue for this point since they want to know that there is such a thing as justice and that it does work. But by the end of the movie, the killer still hadn’t been brought to justice and the mother was heading off to find the individual, finally cracking a smile before the credits rolled. It was an interesting movie, but it obviously didn’t hit a resolution.

4. Dazed and Confused

This was a party movie with a lot of different stories happening at the same time and no overall resolution in sight. People might want to argue the point, but things were bound to go on as they were not long after the credits started rolling. The kid that was shown at the end was likely to go on another bender or two and those that were shown throughout the movie weren’t bound to change that much since they were still in high school and as such were bound to keep having fun and would think that their various issues were going to be the most important things in the world to them.

3. Avengers: Infinity War

Obviously this was meant to happen this way, but it was enough of a gut punch to the audience that they were feeling it well into the next movie since the Avengers weren’t meant to lose obviously. Even with their future in jeopardy and the idea of loss being very real, the heroes were usually supposed to win since that’s usually what people want to see. But people were given a serious reality check in the form of Thanos, and for a little while, they had to live with the idea that the heroes lost and that they were going to have to live with the fallout of not being able to stand against someone like Thanos.

2. Seven

The resolution was that John Doe was killed, right? Think about that, and then think about how many other people like John Doe were living in the city and how many, after picking up on what he’d done, might decide to play copycat? It wasn’t over, since only one chapter had been closed, leaving a lot of others to potentially be opened. Whether Somerset would actually be staying on is hard to say, but Mills’ career was likely over since he shot a suspect in cold blood, and his life was essentially over since his pregnant wife that he loved so dearly was dead, killed by the same man he would end up killing. It was an end, not a resolution.

1. Return of the Jedi

Given how vast the Empire was throughout the galaxy, thinking that they’d won a major victory was all well and good, but the Empire was still around and could have bombarded the forest moon of Endor repeatedly since like it or not, the Alliance took a serious pounding during the final battle. But the Rise of Skywalker makes it appear that Palpatine was playing the long game and that the celebrations were a bit premature since one battle doesn’t necessarily equal the winning of a war.

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