Five Discovery Channel Shows You Should Keep an Eye On


Now I don’t claim to be a science kind of guy, but even I can admit that some of the TV shows that the Discovery Channel produces are pretty addicting. And just as I did the other day with some of the shows on TLC that you should really keep an eye on, I figured I should spread the love–which is why these are five shows to tune in to on the Discovery Channel. So make sure to check them out and see what all the rage is about these Discovery Channel shows.

5. Moonshiners

As someone who went to college in Kentucky, this show hits super close to home–since so many friends either came from or have family in rural areas around that state. That’s not to say they all make moonshine, but as this show portrays with underground distillers of the illegal alcohol from Virginia and North and South Carolina, it’s quite prevalent in those types of areas. Of course, the question always comes up how something so illegal can still be broadcast on national TV, but viewers don’t seem to mind, as Moonshiners is something that millions of people tune into each week.

4. Amish Mafia

Although Amish Mafia has come under fire lately thanks to one of its stars’ ex-boyfriends getting arrested and many believing that the drama isn’t exactly true, it has still proven to be a smash-hit for the Discovery Channel. As other TV shows like Boardwalk Empire have shown to feature gangster squads and fights, this show does the same type of thing–but with an Amish community in Pennsylvania rather than with fictitious characters. Sure, it might not be all true–or even 25 percent true–but viewers seem to enjoy it and keep coming back, and that’s a good thing for both the show’s staying power and the network.

3. Deadliest Catch

One of the longest running shows on the network–its been on-air since 2005–Deadliest Catch continues to pull viewers into the lives and adventures of Alaskan crab fishermen. While some viewers may have been skeptical of the premise from the beginning, seeing how it has lasted nine seasons, has had a few books and even a couple video games about it, Deadliest Catch is something that has staying power for the network, and should be taken in by viewers because it’s quite the rush.

2. Naked and Afraid

If the show’s title itself doesn’t get you intrigued, than maybe the premise of it will. Bringing together a new man and a woman in each episode, the duo are videotaped in extreme wilderness conditions, giving it a Survivor-like feeling, without all the immunity and alliances. With its participants forced to fend for themselves by producing water, fire, shelter and clothing, Naked and Afraid is an adventure that every viewer gets sucked into–all while surviving with snacks on their couch.

1. Gold Rush: Alaska

Although I’ve personally only watched Gold Rush: Alaska a few times, seeing how it’s the top-rated show on the network, there seems to be quite the interest in it. Following various teams around the mines of Alaska, viewers are given an all-access pass to both the dangers and rewards of gold diggers. We know that this was popular way back when, but it seems that there are still plenty of people still hoping to get their hands on some gold–as the series in its fourth season.

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