Five Battles We Would Love To See in The Mandalorian

So far people appear to be cooling on The Mandalorian since the second season hasn’t been quite as well-received as the first season was, but it’s still holding a lot of people rapt with attention since it’s starting to reveal more and more details of the core story that has made up the lore the Star Wars franchise and people are noticing this with great interest. With that being said there are a few conflicts that feel as though they’ve been bubbling below the surface and might need to finally be revealed at some point since there are a few fights that fans would love to see happen eventually even if they’re not on the menu at this time. Unlike the main Star Wars movies, there aren’t a lot of powerful Jedi running around so the fight scenes that we want to see are going to be largely between the main character and a few of those that have been or are about to be introduced. But all the same, these fights should be pretty impressive since it’s already been established the characters in the show are downright tough and more than a little skilled. The rumor that Mace Windu could hopefully show up is more of a theory at this point so I didn’t bother adding it in, but one can imagine that he might be something of a game-changer if he did show up.

Here are a few of the fights that we’d like to see in The Mandalorian.

5. Bo-Katan vs. Moff Gideon

Seeing as how Moff Gideon is holding the darksaber and Bo-Katan is trying to get it back, it does feel that these two warriors are going to be colliding at some point since the darksaber has been a Mandalorian weapon for quite some time since it was held by a Mandalorian in the Clone Wars. But given that the weapon is an equalizer in the same way that a Jedi’s lightsaber would be, Moff Gideon has an edge that could defeat a lot of what Bo-Katan throws at him unless she’s wearing armor that’s resistant to the darksaber and could turn aside a number of blows before Gideon found a weak point. This could be a good fight.

4. Bo-Katan vs. Boba Fett

This fight doesn’t feel too likely since Fett usually distanced himself from other Mandalorians in the Legends canon and appears to be trailing his old armor, and perhaps now he’s trailing Din since he wants it back. Whether he and Din will come to odds is kind of hard to say since it could be that Fett simply wants the armor back, but a fight between these two could be interesting since Fett is a skilled fighter, but he might not be quite up to the same standard that a proven Mandalorian is. After all, there’s still the question as to whether or not Fett is a real Mandalorian or someone that just wears the armor.

3. Din Djarin vs. Moff Gideon (again)

The first time these two locked horns so to speak saw Din at a huge disadvantage even with his rocket pack since a flying Mandalorian is still not much of a match for a skilled TIE pilot. Of course, once he gained his bearings he was able to plant an explosive on Gideon’s craft that evened things up quite a bit, but with Gideon having the darksaber it’s hard to say who has the superior fighting skills and who would win out in a head to head match. Given the efficiency of the weapon, it feels fair to say that Din would need to keep his distance and hope that Gideon doesn’t have any Force-training to fall back on.

2. Din Djarin vs. Boba Fett

Fans are divided on this one since unfortunately we haven’t seen a lot of Fett’s prowess in the movies since we’ve seen him as a young kid and as a guy that walked around looking tough and then got knocked into a Sarlacc pit in Return of the Jedi. If you read the stories, Fett is undeniably tough, but Mando is just as seasoned and not too bad in his own right. So this is one fight that’s tough to call since it could go either way. But as someone that’s been traversing the galaxy as a bounty hunter for so many years, it’s fair to say that Boba would give Din a pretty good fight no matter who wins.

1. Ahsoka Tano vs. Moff Gideon

This is another fight that might not happen since it sounds as though Ahsoka isn’t going to be as big of a part of season 2 as people had hoped. It would be great to see her draw her sabers and get after Moff Gideon since he did have a tracker placed on Din’s ship, but if it happened it would be one of the biggest surprises of the season, albeit a happy one.

For those that want to see Din and Ahsoka fight, are you serious? She’d annihilate him.

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