New Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer Leaves us With Even More Questions

New Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer Leaves us With Even More Questions

New Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer Leaves us With Even More Questions

We’re getting to find out a little more about the upcoming season of The Mandalorian with this peek into the show as what we already knew is that Greef Karga and Cara Dune were coming back, but now we get the idea that they’re going to be a little more hands-on when it comes to helping Din out, especially when it comes to dealing with Imperials apparently. It would also appear that the Mythrol that Mando captured in the first season is going to be thawed out and released, so it’s likely that he might information of some sort that the group can use at a later point. But if that’s the case then one can expect Bill Burr’s character, Mayfeld, and his crew to return as well since they were left alive during the last season. But it would appear that the Republic and the Imperials are both after Din for their own reasons, meaning that he has very few allies apart from those that he made in the first season. One way or another he’s determined to find the Child’s race and/or homeworld so that he can complete his quest. It might sound like something fans would want, but it’s interesting to think that at one point Din could find a place and possibly a person to pass the Child off to, if only because otherwise their arc might start to become a bit stale after a while.

I get it, people might think I’m crazy for that, but the dynamic of the show is going to have to change one way or another since Moff Gideon is likely going to move worlds to obtain the Child if he has to, and with the might of the Imperial army still at his command, or at least a part of it available, he has enough firepower and manpower to make this happen. According to the trailer it would appear that he finds trouble wherever he goes and it’s not usually a situation that’s easy to get out of, but at the same time it does feel that Din might make at least some progress this coming season since between the two trailers we’ve seen, the journey is well underway, and the Child at least knows when to duck and cover when there’s danger. There are still quite a few questions that need to be answered when the show finally comes back to Disney+, since a lot of people are wanting to know just who Sasha Banks is going to be playing, and why we haven’t seen any sign of Ahsoka yet, as she’s bound to be one of the big highlights of the season. Hopefully she’ll be shown for more than a few minutes in a single episode, as this would be something of a poor payoff to fans that have stuff around this long.

It’s also a question of how much bigger the galaxy is going to get since there is a lot of galaxy left to explore, and if the Unknown Regions is still within the canon then it could be that there might be a lot of galaxy that might still remain uncovered. If the Star Wars franchise were to go world by world it would be likely that we wouldn’t see the end of the stories until the next few generations were old and gray and the legend of Star Wars had become something spoken of in reverent tones. Or maybe that’s just fanciful thinking, since it’s quite easy to think that this franchise could continue for as long as people remain interested, since it’s managed to be picked up by so many individuals that have taken a liking to it since the moment they laid eyes on it. If anyone had stated that a Mandalorian show would one day be this popular a lot of people might have called them nerds and just walked off, but in this day and age the scope of the Star Wars franchise is something that many people can easily fall in love with since the stories that are told and the characters that are created have been nothing less than amazing. Din Djarin is just one in a long line of characters that have snared people into believing that his story is worth telling, and his story has brought to bear many others that have caught the eyes of the fans.

For now, there are a lot more questions than answers when it comes to the next season of The Mandalorian, but with only a short time to go before the release, a lot of people might find that it’s easier to wait than it was months ago. After all the theories, all the discussion, and all the buildup, the payoff is finally coming. This is the way.

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