Five Actors Who Should Play Marjorie Taylor Greene in a Lifetime Movie

Five Actors Who Should Play Marjorie Taylor Greene in a Lifetime Movie

Five Actors Who Should Play Marjorie Taylor Greene in a Lifetime Movie

It’s fair to say that things aren’t going too well for Marjorie Taylor Greene at this point in time and it’s likely that we’ll be seeing a Lifetime movie of her life at some point, or something similar since not only would be of interest to some folks, it might even be made with other motives in mind. As a far-right politician and a conspiracy theorist she is bringing a lot of the heat down on her own head with her words, but she appears to be ready for it. One thing is obvious, if she is removed then she won’t be going quietly and she won’t be likely to stay quiet any time soon since there are many like her that give voice to their concerns and thoughts quite often, and almost nothing can stop such folks from talking incessantly to those that will listen. Trying to pick out someone that could play her part in a movie feels as though it would be a bit difficult in Hollywood largely because much of show business is exceedingly liberal. But it does feel that a match could still be found since above all, it is a job, and those that take it on are usually offered therapy if things get too crazy, as it might in this instance.

With that in mind, here are a few names that could possibly take on the role of Marjorie Taylor Greene.

5. Annabeth Gish

Looks are a big part of many roles and too often we’ll see someone taking on the role of a person in real life that won’t look anything like them. This has become better in recent years when people have finally been selected as they have some passing resemblance to the characters they’re playing. But in this instance, since Marjorie is still alive and still in pretty good health and would likely end up seeing this representation, it would be nice to give her a look at someone that’s taken on her mannerisms that might actually look like her. Of course, if that’s not the main concern she has then so be it, but it would still be nice to see some accuracy.

4. Amanda Peet

It feels like it’s been a while since we’ve seen Amanda and to be fair she’s a good actress but perhaps someone that might need to work her way back up to the big leagues unless she’s already there and is just hard to find. A Lifetime movie still isn’t that bad to be cast in since plenty of people watch the channel and it could be another way to get noticed and possibly move on to bigger projects as she used to be doing. At this point in her career it almost feels as though slowing down is just a few steps away from retirement, but it could be that she’s just been taking things slow for a good reason.

3. Reese Witherspoon

This might feel like an odd pick in a way, but it’s not really since in the past Reese has played characters that are a bit fanatical in what they say and do, and this could work to her advantage for a movie such as this. Every now and then Reese is capable of what might be deemed manic energy and is able to show it off on screen, which is a little intense at times but is still what might be needed in this case. It does feel that she and a few others might have reservations when being selected to take on this role, but it’s also likely that they would take it just to make certain that people would see Marjorie in a certain light.

2. Michelle Pfeiffer

This feels like it would be the furthest pick from what people might expect, but it also feels as though it might work if Michelle could be convinced to do it. While she might not look like Marjorie all that much it does feel as though her casting could make people pay attention to the movie and her acting skills could do the rest. That being said, this is the only reason why she makes it this high since whether people want to admit it or not, star power really does push a lot of movies that might not see the light of day otherwise.

1. Naomi Watts

In terms of looks, acting, and overall ability it does feel that Naomi would be the best pick out of all these ladies, and would be able to perform the role efficiently. Whether she would want to or not is the question since it’s easy to think that some folks might be opposed to acting as individuals that they might agree or disagree with. But it would be worth it to ask her all the same, since she could say yes and make it work.

It would be interesting to see who might want the role.

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