Have A Look Inside Floyd Mayweather’s 22,000 Square Foot Las Vegas Mansion

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a 22,000 square foot building might look like? No I’m not talking about a department store, but in truth Floyd Mayweather’s house could hold at least a few small chain stores and still have plenty of living space. But now that he’s good and retired after having KO-ed Connor Mcgregor, Mayweather might have time to enjoy his home in full splendor.

Really? He didn’t have time to enjoy it before in his retirement?

I would really hate to be the guy that had wash his windows. You know a guy that makes this kind of money doesn’t clean his own house after all. It’d be a nonstop job.

I’ve always been amazed at the fact that people need more than one sitting room. You would think a living room would be fine but when you’re rich it seems like you need at least a few of these types of rooms to ‘get away’ from the hassle of your life.

Strangely enough, the bedroom seems to be the most calm and relaxed room of all without all the frippery.

Seriously, it looks like a hotel room it’s so neat and kept. I wonder if this is right after it’s been cleaned so as to give the impression of an impressive home.

How many people does he feed on a continual basis? Oh wait, he does have four kids so that’s understandable.

And another sitting area outside, complete with a table and chairs set close by. This guy never wants for somewhere to park it for a while.

Did you really expect him to not have a pool? That’s like going to the Strip expecting to see zero casinos.

More chairs, more tables, more serene places to sit. Is his life really that much of a hassle that he has to have this many relaxing places to go?

And of course he has his own sauna. I mean really, why not? I would imagine though that this room and what it costs for the upkeep could pay an average family’s mortgage for close to a year.

And personal masseuses. Huh boy, just when I thought things were getting a little TOO decadent.

Can’t forget the cars. GOT to have more than one depending on what mood you’re in when you want to drive. Right?

Let’s not forget the toys that are probably hardly ever driven except for special occasions.

A car for every day of the week. Sigh. Do rich folks really have nothing else to spend their money on?

I guess not.

His fingers must be inordinately strong to support that kind jewelry. If it’s sunny you should be able to see him coming from a mile off.

For some reason some folks just love showing off their kicks.

Does any one person really need this many watches?

Are those padlocks on the back of his sneakers? Are you serious?

So what’s that, one night’s worth for Mayweather and his entourage?

And there’s the crew. It kind of makes you wonder if all of them are really down for Mayweather or just hanging on for the ride.

Photos via Instagram

We get it, you’re great, you’ve got cool stuff and a nice home. Did he really frame a poster of New Jack City? How hard did the people at the frame store laugh at this?

Don’t you just love it when rich folks decide they need to flaunt their goods?


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