Five Actors We’d Like To See Portray Michael Buble in a Movie

Five Actors We’d Like To See Portray Michael Buble in a Movie

Singer Michael Buble rose to fame when he came out with unique renditions of jazz and soul classics. It was refreshing for his audience to hear the old songs, performed by the talented new artist and it skyrocketed him to fame within a short period of time. The award-winning singer has topped the charts with several number one hits and his life story is one that would make an excellent biopic. If Hollywood were to tell his story on film, who would be the best actor to play the part of Buble? We have five in mind whom we believe could tell the story, with perhaps a few dramatizations thrown in for emphasis and we’ll tell you why.

5. Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg is best known for his comedy in acting and you might remember him from his multiple roles on Saturday Night Live, “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist” “I Love You, Man,” and others. He hasn’t delivered a serious role featuring music but he is capable of delivering it. One of the reasons we’d love to see Andy Samberg play the role of Michael Buble is because he has the capacity for serious acting and for singing. He also has the looks that would make the character believable. He should at least be given the chance to see what he could do with such a weighty film role.

4. Justin Timberlake

An even better choice for taking on the role of Michael Buble would be Justin Timberlake. There is no doubt about his musical talents because he has won his own share of music awards with a long career in music and film that started with his appearance on “The Mickey Mouse Club.” He started out his music with the boy band ‘NSync then set out on a solo career that has taken his music to dizzying heights. He starred as Neil Bogart, music mogul in the “Spinning Gold” biopic, proving that he can portray others with style. Justin has a smooth demeanor and a touch of class, as does Michael Buble and it is this ability to be smooth and sing from the bottom of your heart and soul that would make the portrayal of Buble so highly believable. He has a way about him that reaches out to audiences and holds their attention. If you don’t believe it, just ask any Timberlake fan to describe what a concert is like for them. You’ll get an earful for certain.

3. Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson is best known for his role as a vampire in the hit franchise “Twilight.” His career soared to new heights after the release of the first installment and it just kept going up from there. The thing about Robert is that he is highly capable of character acting and taking us to the depths of that character with the full emotions that the person is feeling and he knows how to tell a story without saying a word. Robert is emotive and he has a definite gift for fully developing the parts that he plays through his acting skills. We believe that he would do an excellent job of playing Michael through the struggles and the victories, the good times and the bad times and he just may be able to give fans a little more than what they currently realize about Buble on screen. In addition to having a wealth of acting ability and talents, he is also a musician. Pattinson recorded two tracks for the “Twilight” soundtrack which were immensely popular with fans of the hit saga. It’s our firm belief that his combined acting and musical ability would make him an ideal candidate for a biopic about Michael Buble.

2. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is one of those actors who has a youthful appearance which can be altered with the use of the magical makeup of Hollywood. He’s a skilled actor who is capable of comedy or of delivering an amazing performance that develops aspects of the character that you might not otherwise be aware of. Buble has an intense passion for music as well as for his family and he’s had his share of struggles on the road to success, one of the most significant being his son’s diagnosis of cancer. Gosling looks great in a suit and he has the charm and charisma that we’ve seen in Buble on stage and he also has an ear for music. Ryan Gosling himself is an accomplished professional musician in addition to being an actor. We think that playing the role of Buble in a biopic would be a good match for both of these talents.

1. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has that boyish charm that reminds us of the boy next door, as does Michael Buble. They have the nationality of Canadian in common as well. We’ve seen Ryan play some of the most riveting roles in “The Amityville Horror,” and we’ve also seen him bring the character of Wade to life in “Deadpool” and more notably in “Deadpool 2,” in a way that only he can do. He’s shown the world that he’s funny, but that he can also be a serious actor. For Reynolds fans who are not aware of this fact, he’s an incredibly talented singer. There are many compelling reasons why Ryan Reynolds would make the perfect choice for playing Michael Buble in a biopic. He has the depth of soul and creativity to move into a character and make us believe that he is real, and he also knows how to draw the audience in for a closer look. Although we believe that each of the five actors we’ve highlighted here could do a tremendous job in portraying Michael Buble on screen, Ryan Reynolds has our vote for being the top pick.

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