The Five Best Justin Timberlake Movies of his Career

There’s so much you could say about Justin Timberlake that it might actually fill a book without telling everything that encompasses such a massively talented person. His career has gone from being an iconic singer to an SNL veteran, a title he’s earned, to a major motion picture star. Along the way he’s had a few mishaps and misfires now and again, and in truth some of his characters have seemed kind of weak, but by design rather than by any failing on his part. Yes he’s been in a few movies that didn’t really get a lot of positive attention, but his ability to turn in a great performance has never been in question. It takes a little while to get used to his part in some movies, but once you see the whole design of it the fact that he plays someone with a less than solid constitution becomes much clearer.

Here are some of his best movie so far in his career.

5. Trolls

This is one of those movies that you might initially look at and think that you’re having flashbacks since the old troll dolls that these were kind of based off of were a bit creepy and in some cases became way too prevalent in our society. But going deeper into the movie you can see that it has a positive outlook for the most part despite the crisis that is instigated by the Bergens and the tragedy that follows. Branch however, a rather cynical troll, is able to help Poppy get her people back and in the process find some sort of acceptance that he didn’t have in the first place. It’s been hailed as a great movie, and in all honesty it’s pretty cute.

4. Alpha Dog

When one of his dealers can’t come up with all of his money, Johnny decides to kidnap the guy’s younger brother to use him as collateral. The only problem with this is that the guy in question is a bit mental and happens to know how to dish out some serious damage to those that try to manhandle him. On top of that, the missing persons report that comes out not long after the kid goes missing complicates matters since Johnny can’t just let him go and stay anonymous, and he doesn’t want the heat of demanding a ransom. So of course the only reasonable thing to do would be to kill him, right? Those that can’t think far enough ahead shouldn’t be committing crimes.

3. In Time

In a future where time is the currency, the lifeline, and the only thing that really matters to anyone, getting enough time is crucial, while keeping it is nearly impossible. One can’t zero out the entire grid without killing everyone, so stealing time is the only way to go. Just imagine if you had to live each and every day based on the quota of time that you were allotted in order to survive. You’d be counting the seconds pretty quickly if you had to think about how many you needed to stay alive and how many you could spare to make sure that you took in enough to help reach that goal.

2. Trouble With the Curve

Baseball fanatics are not to be messed with, much as any fanatic of any sport isn’t. Baseball is the great all-American game that might seem mundane and not all that complicated to some, but the subtle shifts, nuances, and unimaginable amount of statistics that some people memorize and hold with them is simply amazing. For instance, there’s one scene in this movie where Timberlake’s character asks Adams for the names of the pitchers that Jackson took deep in a single game. If you know your baseball facts and history you might be able to eke out an answer, but  it takes a true fan and lover of the game to know those names off the top of their head.

1. Black Snake Moan

This seemed like one of his weaker roles and yet it was a great movie. In truth his weakness was that his character suffered intense panic attacks that he couldn’t control and that came on without warning. Ricci’s character was his only saving grace as she knew how to calm him down and how to help him find his balance once again. The only problem was that she had the ‘itch’ and stepped out on him more than once while he was gone, a practice that she’d been known to perform many times when he was out of town. Despite that however he still loved her and decided that he wanted to marry her. There was no shortage of issues between the two of them, but together they were a pair that might just have made it work.

He’s a talented man, that’s about as simple as it gets.

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